2 amazing things happened to me today (but only you wonderful c25kers will understand )

Have only ever run on flat but this morning decided to take new trail shoes out for their 2nd outing and went up local hill--- yes a HILL , not a slope but REAL hill ! Mud, leaves ,uneven track ,grass and I loved loved loved it Much slower and breathing at times reminded me of week 1 but I just felt so free

Then at my dads birthday lunch my 29 yr old son said'oh mum saw you out running when going to work last week'

Oh dear I thought cos up to now only husband has seen me in new running tights Anyway tentatively asked - what did I look like ? Small pause and then he replied 'you looked like a runner ' I can't get smile of my face Yea

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  • Wow, what a great day! Bet you felt a great sense of achievement at the top of that hill :)

  • I did but it was funny cos I knew it would be slower and as I had no idea where the paths were going I wasn't thinking about speed or distance It just felt like running for fun Magic

  • It's really nice to hear from someone trying out trail running. Almost at my graduating badge now and trail running is my next goal. :)

  • Hi piglet I am sure you will love it I went back to nice man in shop and got gait checked again and took his advice about trail shoes - expensive but didnt feel like i was slipping at all today so money well spent With what I have read trail running should also improve road running which was one of reasons I wanted to try it but now that would just be secondary to the fun factor Let me know when you give it a go Ill look out for your graduation badge

  • As everything is on sale, I went and bought a pair of New Balance last week. I've heard that it can benefit too but C25K has made me realise that I love being alone in a Park or by the lake or running through the trees, no matter what the weather. (and this is going to make me sound crazy) I have this reoccurring dream of running across the common, feeling relaxed and happy; I think my subconscious is telling me something!

  • Not crazy piglit - great dream

  • Or course you look like a runner you are. What a lovely feeling though to have your son say that. Also well done on the hill. I am becoming a big fan of fun runs. Happy running.

  • Thanks Rfc My daughters have been very supportive of running and weight loss but son is quite quiet and not one to hand out compliments so it meant a lot

  • Oh fitfor60 that's wonderfull ! What a sense of achievement you must have had when you looked down at what you run up . Bet your well chuffed & bet you where set up for the day . Cannot wait to get back out there . It sounds a fantastic run . I bet your son is very proud of your achievements .

  • Thanks Rockette Yes well chuffed How are your tendons doing Do you have date to start running or do you need to see dr first

  • Yes there's a definite improvement thanks fitfor60, it's 3wk tomorrow but I'm getting there . Got to see physio on 6th feb & hopefully will get the all clear. It's doing my head in I can tell you , what a slow process , I thought I'd be up n running in about 2 wk but never mind I'm on the mend & I'll build up again .

  • Really feel for you but fingers crossed good news on the 6th

  • What a lovely post, and well done for tackling that hill xx

  • I dont even know why I decided to do it Saruma The plan was to try the gentle grass slope at the side of the hill but I just kept going

  • Well congrats on the hill. AMAZING! Top news though is... what a lovely thing for your son to say!

    All round brilliant day!

  • Thanks must get thin Yes I'm feeling brill

  • Love it! xx

  • Thanks Amy You know when I first started this prog if someone had said I looked like a runner I would have thought they were lying and just trying go be kind But now I have much more confidence and think yes I maybe do look like a runner --- I certainly feel like one now

  • Argh loved this!

    You runner you!

  • Thanks victor

  • Fantastic - well done :-)

  • What a lovely inspiring post. Very well done on running up that hill. And praise indeed from your son. Bet you're still grinning!

  • You truly are a runner!

  • Keep that smile on your face, you deserve it.

  • Ooh. That's lovely. What a good feeling. From your name I'm guessing we may be similar age *whispers, 60 (?). I'm just on Week 3. It's great inspiration to hear stories of runs being for the sheer enjoyment as well as to achieve specific goals. All the best when you try that hill again.

  • Yes jaqs I will be 60 in 3 weeks --- and can't wait Started c25k in aug so could run 1 mile charity race with 3yr old grandson in may and as birthday was sort of half way had that date as my 1st goal Also overweight and bit down and lethargic due to difficult few years But hey in good place now - lost weight , can run 5k in 35.39 , have so much more energy And i have just run up a hill !

  • Thats a great story. And an inspiration for me. Thank you x

    I relate to the overweight, lethargic stuff too. My main reason for starting was to feel more alive and have more energy. Looking good so far

  • I always run trails! I prefer them but you have to take care. Steep hills crock ankles! If it's very steep please walk up it, at least at this stage in your running career. Good innit this running lark, especially at our age! Woooooooooo.

  • Good advice miss wobble Most of the bits I ran kind of wound round the hill so not too steep. I really struggled with the breathing at the only steepish bit and I was so slow I was almost at a standstill The only way I could do it was to 'run' up for about 10 steps and down for about 5 and kept repeating Not sure if good technique but it worked for me I did however walk down a couple of bits that had sort of 1/2buried slippy branches as steps

  • What a boost!!!

  • Ah that's lovely, you must have felt doubly proud. I find a step onto a kerb feels like a hill. :-)

  • Lovely post! I keep thinking of that line from a Kate Bush song 'running up that hill' now! It is wonderful when your children compliment you - my son remarked on Christmas day after Parkrun that I was running better (and had asked what motived me as he needed inspiration!) :-)

  • Thanks poppy You are good example for your son

  • Loved the bit about being a runner. That must have felt great. As for hills.... Where I live they're almost unavoidable and I find them a frustrating obstacle - something to be endured rather than enjoyed. However, having read your post, I shall go on my next run thinking differently. Thank you!

  • Hi rob I lucky in only being 5 min walk away from really flat park but was starting to think I should be more adventurous I did take car to the hill where in theory I could walk / run up very steep road It just felt like being in middle of country What type of hills do you run on ?

  • Hi.

    They vary greatly. My usual 5k ("usual" - that still sounds odd. I've done over 60 5k runs - and a couple of 10's - since I graduated, but I only just consider myself a "runner") requires a run of about 400m up a hill on a road not long after the start. Just this morning I ran somewhere a little different. The initial flat/downhill section is on pavement and Tarmac, but the return is on a trail through a country park and mainly uphill.

    I love the variety, but the hills are annoying!

  • Ron you are def a runner! I would be annoyed by hill at start too

  • What a great comment from your Son and let's be honest our children do say it as it is!! so I can totally understand the smile on your face :)

  • You are so right jewel

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