I really don't want to go!

I really don't feel like a run this morning, it's probably raining again - oh no, it's dry after all.

Still feeling stiff from pilates on Monday.

I ought to go as it is definitely forecast to rain tomorrow and I'm working Friday....

Oh shame, can't find my long running tights - oh no, here they are freshly laundered in the airing cupboard.

Out I go - ugh it's windy. It's also sunny - what a pain, the combination is making my eyes stream!

Never mind, I don't need to make it a long run....

The wind turbine by the old windmill is going like the clappers and the windsock on the airfield is horizontal!

The farmer has been filling in all the potholes and ruts in the track with what looks like rubble - I'll probably go and turn my ankle if I'm not careful.

Ah, more sheltered now I'm alongside the hedge. That sun is really quite nice.

Ooh is that a buzzard or a kite? No, definitely a kite - my favourite, such lovely birds hanging effortlessly in the wind!

Uh oh, the rubble has stopped and it's very wet and muddy now - but look, deer prints in the mud, haven't seen them recently though.

Time to turn round. Mmm, that sun is lovely on my back.

Ooh good, back on the repaired bit of track now.

I'm feeling a bit warm now - out from the hedge and quite glad of that pleasant breeze!

And nearly home. It's so lovely that I'll just do an extra loop round by the railway bridge to do what passes for hill training round here.

And home.

OH asks if I enjoyed my run.

Yes thanks - it was FANTASTIC out there!


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  • What a lovely post, Ully - all the negatives turning to positives. It perfectly sums up the feeling of those runs that we don't want to do, but which end up being wonderful. Sounds like a lovely route on a lovely day. Thanks for sharing :)

  • I only dragged my sorry a**e out there because I knew I would feel great afterwards! Impossible to stay grumpy!

  • Well done Ully. Better out than in 😊

    I walked over 7k this morning with the dog, and it only got windy as we neared home. The TV aeriel guy was there fixing the new aeriel as mine got wrecked in the gales

    It felt really warm out there this morning but it's colder this afto. I've not run yet but got to get it done at some point ☺

  • I would go sooner rather than later - it's getting awfully black again!

  • Ha ha ! Oh I love this post Ully ! I think we can all relate to it on one point or another .

    If I don't feel like going , I always ask myself " What will I feel like when I get back ?" and the answer is always " Fantastic " and then " What will I feel like if I don't go ? " and the answer is always " Rubbish "

    Its not always easy , but well worth it isn't it ? :-)

    Im so pleased it turned out to be a very enjoyable run for you :-) xxx

  • Yep - there's nothing quite like that smug feeling when you get back is there!

  • That's exactly what gets me out of the door! Once I told myself the first five minutes are the worst until you get in your stride..trouble is, the voices keep saying " You won't enjoy this bit" and it's a really high wall to get over. This morning, in the drizzle, I had other stuff going on in my head, and the Lovely Laura's watch seemed to have stopped (again) but when, hours later, she said I'd done five minutes, I thought to myself, "well I've been in my stride ages now" so I'm hoping the 5 minute block has gone.

    It's true though, I only persist with it because I know I will feel fantastic afterwards, and suicidal if I don't do it!

  • Well done! Sounds lovely. I get streaming eyes too :-)

  • Yes it's a pain. I wear sunnies all summer and should have taken them today as they would have protected against the wind.

    Looks a bit hardcore though, sunnies and ninja woolly running hat!

  • Go you...! A lovely post, thank you for sharing. Out there and doing it...people like you give people like me, the encouragement and the support to go on...:)

    Week 8 Run 2 for me on Friday, this morning's run done.... and it is going to be sunny!

  • That's kind Oldfloss but it sounds like you're doing just great by yourself! Not far from graduation now!

  • Great post ully!it really is worth venturing out for that feel good factor afterwards and most times during!! I didn't fancy run club last night but went and there were loads there!and we did a hilly route which didn't feel all that bad so pleased I went!! Knee still bit stiff tho πŸ˜•xxx

  • Well done you for running at night at the mo. At least I have the luxury of getting out there during the day.

  • Good read - so funny how we all have the shared experiences. I always feel a bit nerdy out in my shades but they do help with the wind as well.

  • Never nerdy! You probably look impossibly cool!

  • Well that made me laugh out loud.

  • Haha! Fab post Ully. Sounds like a great run in the end and I'm sure you were chuffed that you went.

  • Well done...love your excuses not to go, especially the running tights ! Glad you enjoyed it in the end.

  • A lovely post and I am sure many of us often feel the same on occasion. Isn't it great once we are out there though and all turns out well! I saw Marsh Harriers at the weekend, I always like to see them. I've never seen a kite- I envy you that. x :-)

  • Glad to hear that this strikes a chord with a lot of you! Mostly I can't wait to get out there but sometimes it takes a little more effort!

  • I really enjoyed reading your positive post, thank you

  • Brilliant post

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