Week 7 R2 injury fear

Completed wk7r2 the other night (hardest run so far despite having done the 25 mins non stop on previous 2 runs!). My problem though is pain down the back of my right leg. Whilst u am completing the runs somehow, the pain afterwards is increasing.

I'm not sure whether it's best to rest up a while (and risk losing momentum) or just try and run through it (and risk injury that would set me right back)

Any thoughts from you more experienced rumers?


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8 Replies

  • I would rest up until it settles properly. You don't want to risk it turning in to something worse. You won't lose all that progress by resting up a few days but a worse injury could set you back further. Running is a journey and there are always going to be times we can't run, such as injury or ill health. As long as you get back out there when you can all will be good☺

  • I would say rest is the 1st step to see if it feels better with no running. Then go from there . You won't loose to much in a couple of days.

    Are you stretching after runs? Are your running shoes the right ones for you , I.e. have you had your gait analysis done ? there could be a number of reasons for the problem ...

    Have a look here for some advise about the rice method -http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/sports-injuries/Pages/Treatment.aspx

  • As the others have said don't run through pain. Rob has made a good point about stretching and shoes. The problem could also be coming from your hamstrings, glutes or lower back and the pain is felt running down your leg. Stretch these out and use a foam roller or rolling pin to iron out any tight spots and see if that makes a difference. Failing that then maybe a visit to a sports physio or your GP will get you sorted.

  • That is frustrating. There could be real benefit in a week off and resting your legs. I forced myself to do this because of a shin and knee pain, feel fine now. You could always put in some cycling, swimming or walking as an alternative.

    Have you tried stretch and flex exercises on days you don't run? I found them a great help in building my fitness. Also, when you run, you could do some simple flex exercises to get your legs moving on your warm up walk. I find my knees used to get stiff because when I run, there isn't much leg movement and they seized up a bit. Can u run on soft ground rather than hard paths? This is less impact on knees but also because of undulating ground, puts stress on a wider range of muscles - whereas paths are just keeping legs in one position? hope this helps, we all have aches and pains but look after your legs and you can keep running! Julie

  • Not much more experienced than you Phil but I would say running on it could make it worse and resting it will do no harm at all. Take a break and get back to us. We will help motivate you to get back into it. I know it is incredibly hard to stop now so near to graduating but you want to run injury free in the long term. Maybe just a week off, doing some stretches will be all you need.

  • Well done on getting this far, but I would suggest you listen to your body, rest up a bit until the pain has gone. I can't say if you will lose any momentum different people different fitness levels. There is no set time to complete the program it took me 13 weeks to graduate. My advice would be to recover from this injury then start again from a level you feel comfortable with, if it's week 7 that's a bonus, if not try week 6, take it slowly and before you know it you will graduate. Good luck for the coming weeks and look after yourself.

  • Rest up and take the advice of those on here who know..:)

  • THanks all for the comments, have had to temporarily suspend running while I seek advice/treatment from the physio - seeing him tmrw

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