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Hamstring injury

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I completed c25k a few weeks ago and have been taking more rest days between runs since. I felt something go at the back of my right knee going down my calf about 5 minutes into a run but kept going and completed the 30 minutes. It was more sore next day so I took about 6 days off until it felt ok walking. I then did another run and it was ok followed by 5 days off and another run when it went again in the same place as before about 25 minutes into the run. This time I stopped as soon as I felt it go. It’s now 5 days after and I want to run again but it’s still sore to walk. Should I run anyway or wait until there is no pain when walking first? I know it’s probably because of me taking too many rest days and not doing any other exercise on rest days either. Should I stretch while I’m injured or wait? How long does it usually take?

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After reading up on my injury it seems I have pulled a calf muscle not hamstring. I also need to stop running and start doing stretches again. I stopped after week 5 of nhs strength and flexibility because I don’t like the music that accompanies Laura’s voice. It’s therefore been 2 months since I did any stretching. That’s probably why I got this injury.

Do I not get replies after graduation? Any advice from experienced runners on how long to rest this type of injury and what type of exercise is ok to do while I can’t run would be much appreciated. Also some idea of what is the minimum amount of runs I can do to avoid further injury.

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emily-mGraduate in reply to FatBob793

I suspect people just don't know the answer! I hope it's getting a bit better.

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FatBob793 in reply to emily-m

Nice of you to say so. I thought maybe I’d been blocked since I’ve finished c25k. 5k to couch is proving to be very easy indeed.

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steviej99Graduate in reply to FatBob793

Hey FatBob, I don't think it is because of too many rest days. I also think it is unusual to get this type of injury 25 minutes in unless you suddenly gofaster or go uphill or something else that increases the load. Your muscle is warmed up by then. I also don't think stretching would make any difference at that stage. Recovery depends on age and condition of the person so hard to say, obviously takes longer as we get older. Can you see sports physio? You may have an underlying injury or weakness or condition that needs to be managed with the right advice

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FatBob793 in reply to steviej99

Thanks for your reply. I got the calf injury first when just 5 minutes into my run but it was uncomfortable rather than painful so I carried on and completed my 30 minutes. It was painful the next day and for a few days but after resting for about 6 days I ran again for 30 minutes and it was fine. I thought that was it. It was on the next run after another 6 days that I felt the same thing after 25 minutes and stopped immediately so as not to injure it more. It has taken a few days longer to feel ok walking and it’s been about 2 weeks now without a run or any other exercise. I know I should but haven’t. It felt like a 15mm strip from the back of my knee just right of centre down to half way between my knee joint and ankle. I don’t want to bother my doctor with a self inflicted injury. My leg feels fine now and I should be back out running again but I’m a bit worried that if I go out too soon I’ll get the same thing again and it’ll take longer to heal. Probably just making excuses for being lazy.

I wouldn’t like to give advice as I’ve no experience with this kind of injury.

I do however try to do strength training on some of my non running days so usually do three gym workouts a week if I can. This has helped with my running and general fitness.

Good luck with finding out the best way to proceed.

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FatBob793 in reply to Razouski

Yes, strength and flexibility 3 days and a run 3 days a week would be ideal but I can’t seem to get off the sofa. Thanks anyway.

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