Week 9 Injury :(

I am so disappointed to have my first running injury during week 9 which is now affecting my graduation from C25K :( After run 1 my left foot was a little sore but I figured it was just from the after effects of the run. Now its a bit swollen and has a niggling pain that seems to getting worse rather than better. Because of the pain in my left foot I seem to be using more muscles to compensate and now both my feet are sore :(

This is the worst possible time to get an injury:

1) Because I really wanted to do the last two runs

2) I only have a few days to recover. I am about to start a job which is gonna involve a lot more walking and I can tell it will be an awful first few days if my feet are still like this.


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7 Replies

  • Oh no, I do sympathise as I had calf muscle problems in week 9. Might be best to get your sore foot checked up. It took me 4 months to complete the programme but I got there in the end. Good luck ! x

  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself to graduate. It took me months! It has to be more important to take care of your body, get some expert advice, take the necessary rest and you'll be back. There's no rush. Take care x

  • Best to rest it, especially as it's swollen - I ignored a sore foot and continued running which resulted in a metatarsal stress fracture and no more running for 3 months! If I had known, I would have stopped running for a couple of weeks and maybe got away with a far quicker recovery. You won't lose your fitness if you take a short time off so listen to your body and if it hurts - stop!

  • Oh I'm sorry to hear that K. Have you tried RICE? I understand your disappointment, but have a good rest and let your body heal. Hopefully if it's just a minor injury you will feel better after a restful bank hol weekend. And when you are fully recovered, c25k will be here waiting for you! X

  • Rest for the weekend and if it's no better see a doctor next week - you don't HAVE to finish week 9 within the next seven days. Laura won't come and get you if you don't. :) You are allowed to get well, get stronger, get out of pain, and then finish the programme.

  • So sorry!!!!! I hope you heal quickly!

  • You have to put your sensible head on and rest! I was injured at week 9, took me 13 weeks in the end but I'm still running 8 months later. See the long game. Rest. RICE. Good luck!!!

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