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I (think) I beat those pesky Gremlins - Wk7 Run 3

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So I was really dishearten after my first run in Week 7! It was the same time as week 6 run 3 but I was slower than I gave myself a couple of rest days and did some stretching and I thought I'd be better! No- slower again! BUT today I didn't think about it! All I wanted to do is finish Week 7 with 7 more runs left in the programme why quit now?! The worst of it is surely over!

I laced up those trainers and off I went at 5:45am! ( I'm definitely an early morning runner) I scared the life out of 4 early morning dog walkers and 2 cyclists with my Darth Vader impression and only one dog tried to attack me! Success! AND even more success I finished it and I went further (my own little goal) without the horrible sluggish feeling I had before!

Off for a shower and on to work! Today is a good day!

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Well done. You will be have to abandon the expectation that each run will be faster than the last.......if that were the case, l would be running in 5k in ten minutes by now. My pace has fluctuated over the last three years and l aim to keep an overall upward trajectory, but after injury l accept that l am where l am (ie. slower than previously) and that lots of hard work over a long period will be required to get back to full fitness. There is no quick fix, so be patient.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Well done - you really shouldn't be worrying about speed at this stage. That will gradually come as you build your strength but for now, just concentrate on a nice slow steady run for the required time.

You're doing great!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Ullyrunner

So wise, as ever Ully... I am so glad you are here.. you keep me so grounded and make me feel so comfortable about my running :)

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UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Haha - only because I am resigned to being a permanent slowcoach! Love it though and still feel a sense of wonder that I can do this! X

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Ullyrunner

We may be slow... but we are pretty amazing :)

I know I shouldn't worry about the speed! But I can't help it 😊! Six more runs to go I think I might be enjoying it now but don't tell anyone!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to hl_baker

You just told EVERYONE! :)

I take my hat off to you for running at 545. But I'm sure it set you off for the day. Well done.

For some reason I am early morning "runner". I started C25k with my boyfriend he is a late after dinner runner and I felt really slow and too full after those runs! So we resigned ourselves to the fact that we are not compatible running mates! I'll let you if I change my mind about the early morning runs in the middle of winter!

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Yeay.. kick the pesky gremlins out!

Go you.. slow is the new fast!!! Well done:)

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