I run better at 10pm in the evening following fish and chips and some chocolates (who knew???) plus a10k race coming up in August!


The above is proof lol, that I can go faster late in the evening two hours after fish, chips and having been nibbling chocolates up till ten mins before I went out! 9.16 minute miles!!

I didn't want to go out as it was raining (yet again) two seconds after I pulled my kit on. I'd been putting it off all day because I overslept this morning; had a supermarket run to do immediately after work, dinner to cook, laundry to fold, paperwork to tidy up. But I'd told myself I was running today, so there is no mental rest until the task is done. The little demon sits on my shoulder calling me a lazy git, and reminding me that I said I'd do three runs a week...and number two should be today!

I told myself I'd do an easy four miles, but well! With the rain coming down, my legs took off like wee rockets right out of the door in an effort to get me warmed up fast. The flipping Garmin didn't find the satellites till I was about half a mile up the road, so that chart should read 4.51 miles, but hey ho, never mind. I felt I was tackling hills better, so the treadmill work I put in on Monday at 4% incline, and the bike work after, obviously is helping out there.

Hubby HAS ENTERED ME in a 10k in August in Scotland where we will be on holiday. I was born near Loch Lomond and he has entered me in the Drymen 10k, which is on the east bank of the loch. To be fair to him, I did ask him to find me something I could run while we were up as we are off to the Edinburgh festival for a week around my birthday so it wasn't like he just upped and did it out of nowhere. Pretty happy to be running in my home country with some Scots runners! Lots of nice white legs then!!!

Ah, what a lovely run it was tonight though; legs felt fresh even after the four miles, and after I'd stopped the Garmin, I did a few hundred yards cool down jog and lots of stretches outside my front door (where it's cool and I can drip sweat on the path, not on my carpet). Ready for bed now!!!


Oh, I forgot to double knot the new Brooks, and that dratted right hand lace came undone yet again, which I felt halfway round this time, so had to stop and sort it out. Why only the right hand one???


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14 Replies

  • My running relatives always tape their laces before a run. I think I am going to have to start that too.

  • Perhaps that is the secret then Carole - fish and chips and chocolate:)

    Sounds as though you had real fun...

    Better get on with that hill work if you are running in Scotland!

  • Oh yes I know BTX4, I will be starting next week (my continual phrase lol). Trying to fit in a six miler tonight, but we will see. Weather flipping terrible!


  • Yes it's not too bad here at the mo but forecast to be dreadful. I am supposed to be doing a midnight ramble down Hurst Spit tomorrow night. It was cancelled last time as too dangerous with the gales etc and suspect it might be again. Better take my waterproofs in case....

  • I think that is now going to be the official C25K training and diet plan!

  • My K.Swiss running shoes have laces that are bobbly so that they don't come undone. Cunning!

  • Fish & chips and choccy too! sounds like a plan!! I'll try that tomorrow, well done, as for your right lace, it's a mystery, perhaps you have a peculiar running technique which wriggles your lace free?!?!?!?! ;)

  • Oh know! Reading about fish and chips and choclate clearly stuck in my mind today. I got home from work and had choclate cake with my cup of tea (never normally like chocolate cake) and guess what we've just had for supper? Oh yes, the fish and chip van just happens to be in the village on Thursday nights. Oh well, thank goodness I did 8 miles yesterday; I hope that will account for some of the calories :)

  • Lol TJ, sorry, all my fault! Fish and chips and chocolate cake = running fuel!!!


  • WOW, Carole, you were smokin' down the road....great run!

  • Now that is my kind of diet.....lol

  • Haha theres an epidemic on the go, its called fishchipitis, we've got it today too, didn't catch the chocitis though boo hoo :( so i'm not able to run tonight now.

  • Lolol, oldgirl, I didn't say that if you didn't have chocolate you couldn't run - no excuses now!!


  • Wow fish, chips and choc fancy that than.

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