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Stalled at W6

It was all going so well, and then last week I had a cold. Struggled through W6R2 on Wednesday but couldn't manage R3 on Friday (though I ran for 14 minutes, which I couldn't have come close to a few weeks ago).

Went out again yesterday and thought I'd repeat W6R2 but I just couldn't do it - although the cold has pretty much passed, I was horribly short of breath and just felt rotten, so I walked for a minute in the middle of the first 10 minute run and gave up half way through the second one.

I just need a bit of encouragement, I think. Logically I know that so long as I keep going out there, I will get back on track and probably very soon - but it's disheartening. I think I'll just keep with W6R2 (or maybe even try W6R1 again) until it all falls back into place, but if anyone has any better suggestions then I'd love to hear them.

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Week 6 can be difficult. You're probably not fully recovered from the cold so take it easy. Next time even if you have to walk a little in the middle then that's fine, just take a few minutes' breather but start running again. You've done W6R2 once so you know you can do it. Take a day's rest and try again. You can do it.


Oh dear! That's rough. Don't worry though. Why don't you try week 6 R 1 again? The five eight five interval might be more manageable as you recover. I'm certainly not an expert but I think the most important thing is for you to regain confidence and perhaps going back to run 1 will allow you to have a decent experience next time out and get rid of the negative associations built up over the last run or so. Also, make sure you eat really well in preparing for the run and go really slowly focusing on your breathing. Keep us posted and good luck. Remember, this is just a hill in the road, not the end of it!


You have great resilience, well done. That cold will have been affecting you even if the symptoms have died down, your body is still getting its strength back. Its a good idea to repeat sessions/weeks if you need to. This is your personal programme.


If you've been ill then don't be surprised that you're not firing on all cylinders. It happens.

Your next run will be fine I'm sure. Just go nice and steady, give yourself space to breathe, relax and you'll be fine. Enjoy it!

I'd carry on where I left off

Good luck


You will be fine...just get properly better first maybe...This week ,as the others say can me a real toughie!

When you feel you can, try where you left off, is my advice and take it slow. steady and laid back! See how it goes?


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