Week5Run2 - My windy morning run

I feel as though things are starting to get serious now. I managed to do the first run of this week no problem, but today things seemed to be conspiring against me.

I normally run in the evenings after work, as I live 25 miles away from where I work, and the thought of getting up even earlier than I have to is unbearable. I've commented before on how I seem to find daylight runs tougher than evening/darkness ones, but I think maybe it's a psychological thing rather than an actual, real, existing thing. Anyway, I wanted to do my run so that I could wash my hair and look half-decent for my Skype session with the boyf.

I stepped outside and wow! The wind was really blowing! It almost took my breath away as I was doing my warm-up walk. I knew I'd find the run challenging for this reason - plus I have the remnants of a chesty cough.

Anyway, the wind didn't let up as I began my first ever 8-minute run. I made sure to pace myself, but in the final minute or so I was finding that I was taking more and more breaths. I generally start out by breathing in for 4, out for 4 at the start of a run, moving down to 3 in 3 out as the run progresses. Only today did I get to 2 in and 2 out! I was relieved when Laura told me to slow down to a walk as I was also beginning to develop a stitch.

The next 8-minute run seemed to have it in for me! The wind picked up and I felt as though my breath was being taken away from me. It also felt that I was running so slowly, I may as well have been going backwards (curse that windy weather!). Nevertheless, with a burning hot face I made it to the end without stopping and fell to a very slow cool down walk.

Thinking ahead, my run on Wednesday will be challenging. I did find today's run a challenge. However, I never thought that within 5 weeks I'd be able to run for 8 minutes! This program has been a real eye-opener for me. I've never been one to shirk hard work, but I have always shunned physical activity. However I didn't give up, I persevered, and I made it to the very end. I think that's the attitude that I have to keep in mind as I go for my final run of the week on Wednesday. I don't think it will be a walk in the park, but I do think that I can do it.

Thanks again to everyone's encouarging words on here - I love reading your thoughts and experiences of the program and beyond =]


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14 Replies

  • Well done! Running in the windy can be really tough - unless it's blowing from behind - this is good!😉

  • Sometimes on a windy run I just lift up my arms and pretend I'm flying (chuckling a bit like a maniac). I find it very exhilarating! Not if it's too tough though. I also like running in the dark - haven't really worked out why, maybe because there aren't many people around to hear my manic chuckling (or cursing!).

    Well done for getting out there. And with your attitude you'll manage W5R3 no problem.

  • Well done - the wind can make it really hard. You might findWeds really easy by comparison. Good luck!

  • Great post and so positive too...unlike SandraJ..the wind always blows in my face whichever way I am running..:)

    You are doing brilliantly.. try to focus on the now and not what is to come...like you said, at first you did not think you could run for a whole 8 minutes...

    My mantra has always been steady and slow.. it got me there and I am really old!!! :)

    Will be following your progress :)

  • Thank you! That's a really good bit of advice, too =]

  • we have to get used to running in the wind in this country cos it always seems to be blowing!!

  • Brilliant! So much wind lately I really do think we're working twice as hard! Imagine how good we'll be when we're running in calm, still spring sunshine 🏃🌅

  • It caught me a little off-guard as the sky was clear and sunny - I obviously failed to notice how the trees were swaying and the powerlines shaking!! Bring on spring/summer!

  • Oh yes , it was soooo windy today near me. When the sun came out though I was boiling !

    I misjudged my running attire completely, shouldve gone for the short sleeves after all :-)

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • well done! you're doing brilliantly! i think c25k brings out a determined attitude in people which we never knew we possessed! :) you CAN do w5r3, nearly everyone is apprehensive about this one but get past the 10 mins and that determined attitude will see you through :)

  • Fantastic, well done you! :) pah to the wind, it will take more than that to stop you in your tracks, you sound determined and you'll go far x

  • Wow well done yamiskoi. The conditions were very challenging for your 16 min run.. but you did it... that was 16 mins. Two lots of 8 with just a short recovery in between. Now R3 as you have heard is a turning point, but don't panic it's only a little longer than your last run but with no break. Take it slowly and you should find your breathing regulates and your legs know what to do.

    Look forward to hearing all about it.

    Good luck for Wednesday, hope you have good weather. x

  • Really well done in tough conditions :)

  • Hi! I'm at just the same point. Did the two eight minute runs today - Friday 20 minutes! It does seem like a huge leap. I look forward to hearing how you felt about your 20 minutes if you did it today (Wednesday)!

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