It's flippin' windy out there folks!

Spurred on by GettingFitter's post and some gentle encouragement from my DH I decided to go for it this morning. While my husband was sitting in the relatively sheltered red squirrel area I set off along the bund. My goodness me! I thought it was windy when I did my graduation run but this was well above and beyond! A sideways howling wind certainly provides an element of entertainment. The wind was so strong it was trying to whip my feet out from under me and I'm amazed I don't have a bruise on my ankle from where it made me kick myself repeatedly. I tried to stay on one side of the path but kept getting blown to the other side and there were a few gusts that threatened to take me over the edge to join the ducks and geese sheltering from the wind in the pools! So a very zig zagging, short stepping and exhiliarating route ensued and I finally reached the end of the bund and turned the corner to head up the track by the estuary. What a relief! And just that slight drop down to below the bund took the bite off the wind and made me feel very happy I'd decided to do this run in the reverse direction to normal so that I now had a following wind.

I also decided not to count in my warm up and down walks so just logged the 35 min run and was amazed to see that I'd got a PB of 5.69k, pace 6.04, speed 9.75. I'm sure most of that was down to the following wind on the last section of the run but I kinda figured I'd take the credit seeing as the first part of the run was so hard ;)


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  • good run Hilbean :D that wind is definitely strong tonight . I am hoping wind resistance training is now acceptable form of training :D

  • Definitely should be! If it carries on for much longer I don't think we'll be able to remember what it's like without!

  • Hopefully for saturdays parkrun but not holding my breath

  • Fingers crossed for you :)

  • Oh Hilly, that sounds exhilirating if nothing else !

    I cant get over how windy it is tonight. I was walking from work tonight and it did really feel as the wind was going to whip my feet away and blow me down the street !

    Well done on your PB, you deserve a massive cheer for braving that weather . Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Yeah it's a bit brutal at the moment isn't it! Nice to be tucked up in the warm :) And thanks, somewhat astounded at the PB and doubting I can repeat the experience without a following wind ;)

  • It certainly was very windy this morning in Bristol, but I can imagine what the North Wales coast must have been like! Well done, just for staying on your feet, Hilly! And it sounds as though you enjoyed the whole experience! So pleased for you! A good time, too! :)

  • It did seem a bit touch and go on a couple of occasions! But stay on my feet I did. Certainly gave a sense of achievment!

  • Well done, hilbean. Great PB! Its been pretty windy here too - we had a red alert severe storm warning yesterday, but I managed to get out there for some interval training. I must be mad!

  • Well done to you too! I've been trying to dodge the worst of the weather but these last few days have made that nigh on impossible for everyone by the looks of it. The dog walking woman I passed thought I was mad too I'm sure. I normally see her walking the bund with her pooches but she turned back as soon as she set foot on it! She shouted something at me as we waved at each other. Sounded like 'determined' but it could well have been 'twmffat' (a Welsh word for idiot) lol :D

  • What a fantastic run Hilbean sounds like great fun and a PB too it doesn't get better than that !!

  • Thanks for the inspiration! I was on the verge of wimping out until you said Go for it! ;)

  • Wow! That is an amazing set of stats for those conditions. You are very brave :)

  • Well I had a following wind for the last part of the run and I have a sneaky suspicion that it might take me a while to repeat! :D

  • Well done! It certainly is blowy out there recently isn't it?I nearly had an unscheduled dip in the Cam yesterday from those sneaky side winds!

  • Definitely makes it more 'interesting'! Glad you avoided the dipping! Bit too cold to appreciate it at this time of year ;)

  • Fab run in what was a terrible night to be out. Myself, I wussed out and snuggled on the sofa in my onesie. I am ashamed of myself :D

  • Very sensible! I did it in the morning. I can almost guarantee that if I'd waited all day I too would have been snuggled up on the sofa :D

  • It was still a wild day to go running. I'm proud of you!

  • Thank you ;)

  • It certainly sound like a wild run. Glad you enjoyed it.

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