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My best run ever - and that's AFTER asking for my Graduation badge!

I have just arrived back completely elated at achieving 35 minutes in the wind and drizzling rain. I don't think I got too badly out of breath once (which for me is a miracle) my pace was 5.56 and I did 6.6 kilometres (including my 5 minute warm up walk) Don't know if that's good or bad, but I am pretty proud of myself!

Come to think of it, that time is also including the stop I made to rescue a snail....

Anyway, just waiting on my graduate badge and will be adding an extra two minutes to my run every time - Great South Run 2013 here I come! ME???!!! Who'd have thought it! :)

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This is a fantastic pace! Well done Mitch :)


Great run and loved that you stopped for the snail!


Super pace and distance great run.


Good for you. That is a great pace, and also fantastic that you are staying with the whole running gig!


wow, really impressed (and wondering what the snail did to need rescuing!!) Well done :)


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