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Feel like I'm cheating - advice needed


I've been having problems getting the podcasts to repeat. They automatically go on to the next one and I have real difficulty finding the ones I've already played. So after my last W4R2 I didn't let it finish completely, set it back to the beginning and thought I'd got it sussed. This morning I checked it was still on week 4, got myself kitted out for wind and rain, phone into a plastic bag, peaked cap well secured to my head to keep my glasses dry and off into the dark. Hmmm, sounded a bit different. Stop and check, the damned thing was on W5. Quick fiddle around and couldn't find W4, time ticking away, wind howling round me (but it wasn't raining much). Then I thought "oh well, just go for it". It was fine, even managed to speed up for the last minute of running. At the 2 1/2 minute marks it always seemed I'd come a fair distance and I was the fastest yet (slightly over snails pace). But I feel a bit of a cheat, because I've skipped a run. Plus it throws me off plan - I wanted to do the 20 min run at the weekend, now it would be scheduled for Friday.

So what would you guys do? Repeat one run in W4, re-run W5R1 or just carry on?

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Sounds strange. I'm no technical wizard, but have you tried uninstalling it and downloading it again? If not, just download the runs individually as you need them?

Well done for getting the run done - it's way better to have run than to have gone home for a technical set-back. I'd repeat W5R1; like you, I'd feel like I'd cheated too because I'm an avid box-ticker.


Hi JCS, what device are you using to play the podcasts? There will be a setting on the device to automatically repeat playback. It sounds as though the setting is to advance to the next podcast when you've played the current one.

Others may disagree, but if you found that you completed W5r1 without difficulty, just continue next time with W5r2.

It would be a good time to mention that weeks 5 and 6 are different from normal, and instead of 1 run that you repeat 3 times, each run is different. In week 4, W4r1 was the same as W4r2 and W4r3. This week W5r1 is different from W5r2 and this is different from W5r3.

Hi Jaysee, I think I did exactly the same thing! Now, how did the run feel? If you were ok with it I'd just keep going. Podcasts disappear unless you save them, but it isnt a problem because you can just download them again! Have fun. and why not repeat one of the week 5 runs instead?

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to AvatheGardener

Might do the same, or add an extra rest day before the longer run and pull it forward to Sat instead of Sunday. Will play by ear and try W5R2 on Wednesday. If it's a disaster or too much of a struggle will do some repeats.

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

all good ideas- making sure not to rush forward too quickly is very important to help your body adapt to you taking charge and making it get capable of running... extra rest days are great because that's when your bod actually gets fit- you come back with extra zing :)


I use the app on my phone (android) and it allows me to select whichever session I choose, I repeated W3 R3 as I wasn't happy with my performance and it allowed this without a problem. The app also kkeps a log of when you complete each session.


I use the app instead - very easy to repeat runs.

Well done though and keep going - you'll be at week 9 before you know it!

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to LauraLouP

Can't get the app. Live in Germany and the German App Store doesn't have it. And the U.K. App Store won't let me have it cos I've got a German ID. Sigh!

LauraLouPGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny



Hmm normally no problems with the podcasts.

I only downloaded the week I was on and the week ahead and then delete the earliest completed week.

Definitely uninstall and download again

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Well no problems for the next two weeks, as all the runs are different. Should have sorted it by then. Thanks!


I use the podcasts but write on my calendar as I do each one so I don't get muddled. Hope you find a method t hat works for you.

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