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Injury advice needed :)

Hi guys,

I am 52 and currently mid way through week 8 and apart from the odd niggle here and there have remained injury free until now.

I ran last Sunday (28 mins)and had a cracking run - went out again on Tuesday and I struggled a bit with stamina but did ok. I was fine when I got back apart from the usual aches n pains. By Thurs night I could feel a dull ache in my inside lower leg/ankle area. I didn't think t was run related as I'd been fine on Tues and Wed.

It niggled on causing mild discomfort but not affecting my walking etc and as it happened due to work commitments I wasn't able to run again until last night.

It was a bit stiff to start then eased off a bit but by the end I could definitely feel it. It settled down very quickly with a bit of ice and Ibuprofen afterwards but again today its what I would call uncomfortable rather than painful but I'm aware of it

I've googled it and everything I've read suggests shin splints however it only came on a couple of days after my Tuesday night run so i'm not so sure ??

If it is then I realize that I'll need to rest for a week or two. I'm gutted as I've just registered for park run !!

I am running in trainers which I bought following gait analysis about 5 years ago - I got injured (knee) just after I got them and havn't run since but I have worn them for walking the last few summers. Are they likely to be worn out ?? Can your gait change over time ?

Any advice that anyone can offer either about the injury, my footwear and any tips to speed up my recovery would be appreciated

thanks ever so much

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I had a similar niggling injury in one ankle but carried on anyway but on the next I properly injured it took about 4 weeks of rest before I could run again but has been fine since. So my only advice would be don't push it, a few days extra rest now is a lot better than weeks recovering because you didn't listen to your body.


I'm with Squiggs, maybe take a week off to see if it settles down, (you won't lose fitness over 1 week) Hope it gets better soon though.


Rest is probably your best course of action. I'd also carefully examine the soles of your shoes. If they show noticeable signs of wear then perhaps they're due for replacements. You may not have done much running in them, but you've worn them for several summers for walking, so they may have come to the end of their useful life. :(


If could well be the trainers have reached their end. I also believe that your gait does change (I have no scientific research to back this up, just my own experience). It may be time to return to the shop for some new shoes.


Hi thanks for all the advice - its eased off today and after a dose of Ibuprofen I cant even feel it. However I'll rest and see how it goes without medication and review it at the weekend. I've also arranged to go for new trainers. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to repair??




Hope it eases soon

Why not volunteer at park run til you're ready to run again? Gives you a chance to see how it all works, and it's good fun😃


Hey Jeleybelly what an excellent idea ! It might keep me interested and motivated too. Thanks for the support 😊


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