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OK. Confession time. After my last inadvertent week 8 run 2 days ago, I set out to do it again but got carried away and ignored Laura when she said "slow down and walk" and kept going. 3 minutes later I thought I'd best slow down and walk.

Now the question is: do I count this as a week 9 run 1 or go back to week 8? I'm inclined to go for it and aim to graduate or is that against the rules?

2 more targets to achieve sometime:

1 Get out of the Gym and into the open air

2 Speed up a bit so I can perhaps catch up with the speeding tortoises

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Hi Stewie read RFC August Graduation Badge 2016 and you will be able to decide yourself if you think you have cheated


I think you can jump or you can say you achieved the run you set out to do and continue, still adding extra if it feels good. That way you will be a really strong runner come graduation.


Don't worry about it, there's no hard & fast rules, you've done it indirectly, just carry on.. well done!😊


I kinda wondered this too when I was at that stage. To be honest, an extra 2 minutes didn't seem unachievable, but I wanted to do the programme properly from start to finish, but that's just me....for you, it seems like you've skipped, what? one run? I wouldn't worry about it, you'll soon have many more runs under your belt, and it won't have made a jot of difference.


I often run a little further when Laura says slow down, that's if I am having a good run. I still never skip ahead and just keep following the program. I think I would feel like I was cheating if I skipped some and for me it is about what I feel like. Do what you feel like. Week 8 run 2 for me tomorrow.

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