Hey OldNed, I ran in the rain!!!

Yes! I did it! I always wondered how it would be when you run in the rain. I had so many excuses-too cold, too wet, too muddy, too that and too this. THEN..it happened!

I started to run to and back from work since last week, not everyday, the plan is to run at least 2 days a week. It is just below 5K one way, both ways just below 10K which is good. I ran one day last week and today was my first day in this week.

I got ready in my running gear in the morning when it was not raining and then when my Son and I were about to leave home to go to school (I got to drop him at school which is about 10 minutes from home before I start to run) it was raining. The fear: too cold, too wet, too muddy all came into my mind. I said to my son that I got to do a quick change, couldn't run in the rain. BUT, we would have got late to go to school if I started 're-dressing' so my Son encouraged me to run in the rain- (He is 7 and the sweetest son ever!). So I thought that I was going to run, yes run in the rain!

AND that was what I did. It rained all the way to work, on and off, but my Cap helped me to keep my hair and glasses dry and my water proof jacket helped me to keep my body dry and my old backpack helped me to keep my little stuff in it dry. There were puddles, I jumped over them, there was mud, I avoided them, it was not cold (who says that?, it was ONLY 6C!!)

I did not even have to wipe my hair when I went to work as it was not wet! I felt great when the Security asked me 'Good run Miss?', and I felt 'achievement' in me when I said 'Yeah, not bad, bit windy and wet though'! I still feel great that I did it! I have read somewhere that you can't call yourself a runner until you run in the rain. I am sure that I can call myself a Runner now, NO excuse! Oh, how fun is that heh, to run in the rain!


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9 Replies

  • Running in the rain, just running in the rain, what a glorious feeling, running again!

  • Thank you Nilzed...

  • Brilliant isn't it? Once you're out there it's somehow not as daunting as it appears when you're inside looking out. And once you're as wet as you can get it really doesn't matter any more and you can just relax into it. Now look for some more puddles and run straight through them. Jumping over them is good but running through them is way better (just ask your son)!!

  • Yes OldNed, agree with you 100%! I don't know why I did not do this before! Yes I do know running through the puddles is high fun, BUT when I go to work, I rather be less muddy as possible since I have to go through a Public waiting area in Courts! :-)

  • I've always enjoyed running in the rain - my favourite type is the lovely mild soft drizzle we get sometimes. I have to say though, the rain we have had this Winter combined with very strong winds hasn't always been pleasant!

  • I know YJB1, sometimes I thought that my Cap would go flying, very strong wind with the rain does not help we runners much does it?

  • Nice to see the security guy acknowledging your run. The rain makes us feel we really are running. Well that's what I tell myself. Enjoy.

  • Thank you Tinyrun, NOW the rain will not stop me from running, I have beaten it:-)

  • Well done Mini13. Not only did you run in the rain, but you enjoyed it!

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