Couch25kb450!!! Wk1 run 1

I did Wk 1 run 1 last May and then no more! Couldn't walk for 2 days after and lots of lovely people on the forum gave advice on stretches and warm downs, but despite my fabby new running shoes and shrinking clothes (?!), I still didn't have the motivation to make it to the second run.

Out with friends before Xmas I confided in them my secret aspiration for run 5 K before my impending 50th. As we talked I realised to my horror that in the new year I only had 9 weeks before my 50th (7 March). So I'm well and truly out of wriggle room!

Two lovely friends (also non runners) signed up to the challenge. Both, for good reason, pulled out so it was just down to me. Now or never.

So 8.10 this morning found me puffing and blowing along our seafront, giving Laura some back chat, and getting suitably purple faced. Can't say I found it easy, can't even say some of it was fast enough to be classed as a jog, so am rather dreading the 26 runs still to come. BUT number 1 is under the belt. Small steps. I suspect Weds will come round all too quick!


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  • Well done you on giving it another go. I started last week and ached after my first run but was ok after my second and third.

    It is hard to be motivated when on your own. But I picked a set time to go and just go for it. I go in the evening when its dark so nobody can see me all red faced and self consious.

    Good luck with your second run. Just take it slow, I do. There seems to be a few of us starting now. We're all in the same boat so you're/we're not really on our own :)

  • Just started today, too. Not sure I was even jogging, not sure I even like it but I'll press on.

  • I wasn't jogging either, more of a shuffle!😱 But it's more than being on the sofa!😁

  • Take your time, go slow, you'll get there.

    For your 5k, just run to finish it, take walk breaks as required. Or do it as a run/walk, maybe 4 mins running/2 mins walking, or something else suitable.

    Good luck

  • Well done you! Getting out for the first one was the hardest thing in the world for me too - I've been "dreaming" of a fit & healthy body since I turned 40 but year after year passed without any sign of it & I just couldn't motivate myself. Talk about miserable! I'm now approaching 51 on 29th Jan & just done w1d1!!!! It hurt but I LOVED it - stay motivated no matter what it takes! This group will certainly keep the faith with you - good luck!👍

  • That's fantastic , you have an aim and purpose to pull you along!! You can do it! Good luck for the next run. Today is my 2nd year runniversary / anniversary of starting c25k, if you stick to Laura you can't go far wrong !

  • Ps forgot to say love your forum name!! 😆

  • The hardest part is getting out and doing that first run of week 1. You just need to look around the forum to see that it's all possible and the programme really works. Take it easy though and remember it's about endurance and not speed. Keep us updated on your progress and if you need that reassurance or inspiration you'll get that from everyone on here.

    All the best for the best 50th present you casn give yourself.

  • As I set off this morning I had your words ringing in my ears, repeating to myself "this is the best 50th present I can give myself". Thank you OldWheezer!

  • Haha Laura might thank me because you weren't giving her back chat just repeating those words. Glad you've taken something from it because everyone on here helped me tremendously although as I've said before it was all anonymous as I lurked in the background before registering my thanks. You'll get through it just believe in yourself and the programme.

  • Slow down and you'll be fine. It's about being slow, the slower the better to be honest. It's about finishing each session, nothing else. Just that!

    It's fun, honestly it is. When you get to week 9 you won't want it to end

  • It feels like you're going too slow I know but you could probably still go slower. Your muscles will grow to like it when they get stronger. Don't go thinking everyone else is rocketing along doing great strides with their heels flying. That's not what it is about. For now just slow and steady with rest inbetween. Let your stamina and strength build up slowly (if 9 weeks is really slow!).

  • Well done! Once you have done one run you have started - think one run at a time. Keep it slow, and walk/ run to start with. When I started in 2011 I could hardly run for a minute- and now I am totally hooked, and have done 5 half marathons! Keep it up!

  • Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. I've got the second run under my belt, I did punch the air! It felt a bit easier, I took the advice and went slower, though hadn't imagined I could go any slower! Feeling achier now though than at this time after the first one. Done twice as much as I managed last year, that feels good :-)

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