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WK1 Run 1


So I've started and to he honest I didn't feel too bad. When I got to the half way mark I though oh my god I'm not going to get through it, but I did and I really enjoyed it.

I used to be fit and played football from age 6 but around 13 years ago I had to give it all up due to a knee injury. Since then ate crap and did no excersize.

Now I've joined slimming world and would love to be able to do park runs.

Here's to the new me and can't wait for run 2

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Well done for starting :) We have a buddy who has been on SW (I think) and has lost a few STONE! He's also graduated C25K and has been running parkruns - he's like a new man, also giving me a bit of an encouragement to carry on myself. Good luck with it all


You got further than me... first 60 seconds I thought I was gonna die! You can do a parkrun this Saturday if you like... register, take your barcode, start at the back, do the next run in here and walk the rest. I walked the whole thing before I got here, that’s how I got here. They’re a very supportive group and will be very happy to have you there... it’s the only run I heard of celebrating the average time going up.

You’ve taken the hardest run of the plan on and won. It’s hardest because it also means getting your butt off the couch and that’s no easy task.

Congratulations, believe in yourself and don’t doubt the plan.. go slow, then slow down. You can do this, and it’s not a race.


I know what you mean, did my first run today too and by the end I was struggling, those 90 second breaks really fly by. I’ve been dead all day since and only starting to feel human again. Looking forward to run 2 on Friday though. We can do this!

Well done. I started SlimmingWorld in February and C25K in May and I can thoroughly recommend both. I’m feeling so much fitter and slimmer, and I’m no longer borderline needing medication for high blood pressure. Did my first parkrun last Saturday and I’m hooked. It was fantastic! I never thought I’d be a runner, but here I am! C25K really works 🏃🏻‍♀️🏆👍🏻

mazcambs in reply to YamCat

Thanks, I'm on high blood pressure tablet and have been a good few years now. I'm not sure wether i'll ever be rid of them as I think its a genetic issue but would love to be able to start running and doing park runs etc. I used to be so competitive so hopefully this will be the start of getting a little bit of the old me back! Thanks

I did my first run ever yesterday too and felt the same as you halfway through. I was so pleased that I kept going and didn't stop. Those middle 60 second runs felt long! Later on, I walked half an hour to a restaurant to meet friends. I'm a tiny bit stiff today but looking forward to my next run tomorrow.

I've got stiff legs today too and cant wait to do run 2 tomorrow. Good luck on your journey!


Best wishes. Just did W1 R2.

I actually did the whole programme 2 years ago and did a couple of 5Ks before changing to the bike.

Still cycling but want to do this again.

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