Argh, 1st post-grad run, 1st injury! Advice please...

Argh, 1st post-grad run, 1st injury! Advice please...

A week after graduation on my 50th, and lots of lovely celebrations with visiting family and friends, I headed out this morning. Another day of glorious sunshine and sparkly seas, did my usual route and got to 3.85km at 30mins and felt fine so thought I'd just go a bit further and see how I got on. 35 mins and suddenly what felt like an explosion in my left calf, I had to pull up (just like they do on the TV!). Stretched a bit and hobbled back to car. Stretched some more. Drove home but sore using clutch. I've ibuprofen gel on it but am having to limp, can't walk normally. So I figure I've pulled a muscle, whatever that means.

So my questions to you wise ones out there ;

1. How do I treat it? I know the word "rest" will come up so...

2. How long do I rest it? How do I know when it's OK to run again? And when I do run again...

3. Should I start with shorter runs, or with breaks or what?

Any ideas of stretches or physio type exercises to help it on its way?

Annoyed with self and feeble body but chuffed I made it to 4.58kms, a Helsbels first. Don't want to be out of the game for too long so thoughts welcomed.

Happy sunny day everyone B-)

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  • Sorry to hear about your injury😦. have a look at the link..

    Btw congrats on your recent graduation😊

  • Thanks, will check it out :-)

  • 1.) RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, or better yet, PRINCE - Protection, Rest, Ice, NSaids, Elevation. Do the icing for 10 mins at a time 6 times a day. The ibuprofen regular intervals as allowed per day, the rest until it doesn't hurt any more to walk on it.

    2.) No, just go carefully the first time to make sure you are properly better, and take up where you left off. Try consolidating for a few weeks at your regular time/distance before starting to build up.

    3.) um our numbers have got out of sync.

    Injuries happen, its part of the wonderful world of running. Don't let it put you off, but learn to accept recovery times as part of the scheme of things.

  • Thanks very much. Trying to be pragmatic but lovely bubble of running happiness definitely popped, for the mo! What do you do the compression bit with?

  • but seriously - you can get tubigrip type compression bandage at pharmacies, or compression socks. I run in compression tights in winter and compression knee socks in summer. I also have neoprene knee sleeves which i wear for weight lifting which compress very firmly. You can buy soft brace type things on Amazon too. In a pinch you could use a tightly wrapped crepe bandage (although not too tight - you don't want to cut off circulation to your foot).

  • What great advice. I was wondering about getting some running gear and wondered what 'compression tights' were and if they were useful.

  • Ouch!

    Great route and lovely run ruined... goodness.

    I don't really have enough experience to advise.. so go with those who know..

    Big hug... no help, but have one anyway! :)

  • Hugs are always helpful, so thank you :-) gratefully received.

  • The First 24 to 48 Hours

    Your physical therapist may advise you to:

    Rest the area by avoiding walking or any activity that causes pain. Crutches or a brace may be recommended to reduce further strain on the muscles when walking.

    Apply ice packs to the area for 15 to 20 minutes every 2 hours.

    Compress the area with an elastic bandage wrap.

    Insert heel lift pads into both of your shoes.

    Consult with another health care provider for further services, such as medication or diagnostic tests.

  • "your physical therapist may advise you..." Really?! You guys on this forum are my physical therapists :-)

  • RICE as per Rig's advice. I think ice works really well but you have to keep doing it. You will have to keep off it as much as poss to allow it to heal properly before you attempt to run on it.

    It's really annoying but it happens to us all at some point. Patience is required. Not easy, we know but keep your chin up, and keep us updated ☺

  • This is something I have struggled with since November. First, do not run or attempt to run until it feels ok. Probably for at least 1 week, then when you do venture out, go back to walk, run , walk for a while for the first week. If you don't get this right, it could take you months to get it back right. I paid for three physio sessions, I can't really say it helped much, probably wasted my money. I'm still not fully right now, maybe around 85%, Ive not ran on any hills for the last few weeks, kept to flat ground. Ive gone back to running just 5k and now started adding 10% per week back on starting this week. At the slightest twinge slow right down and be prepared to walk if need be. From my extensive googling, there seems no definite answer. Ive spoken with vastly experienced runners who tell me its just a fact of running and learning how to manage it.

  • Everyone's given great advice. I wanted to add that your body certainly isn't feeble. This programme can be quite intensive and can be a bit of a shock to the tendons etc.

    Please be patient and you'll be up and running again soon :-)

  • Yikes Bels, I missed this post originally. How's your ouchy calf now? X

  • tis rubbish! still really achey just walking about. Went for a gentle stroll with family yesterday in the sunshine, 2k tops, so achey after. Such a faff. Feels like I'm losing so much ground now having graduated. At least it didn't happen before graduation. Hey ho. Thanks for asking. Loved your post about going out with your daughter. I'd like to do that with mine, who's been averse to running until Friday when she did a virtual marathon with her classmates for Sports Relief. I'm running virtual marathons in my head only!

  • I know it's hard, but do rest until it's really gone, I've seen so many people here who haven't and have just made their injuries worse. You might want to see a doc too if it doesn't clear up. Pop round and sit on my injury couch with me, I'll make you a nice cuppa...

  • Cuppa on the ic, sounds like a plan :-) Thanks for support. itching to get back out but daren't, pretty sure at the moment it would be the wrong thing to do. Still sore just walking normally. Time is the great healer...

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