First week done!

Hi everyone, I'm new here! Just completed week one of the programme and definitely feeling a sense of achievement. I always told myself I hated running, even though my mum, her partner and my sister love it and get a lot of happiness from it! I'm going through a break up ( we own our flat which is making it worse) and thought I'm gonna give this couch to 5k thing a go as I have nothing to lose. Any advice or help is very welcome!!


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  • There are two problems in the first few weeks. 1. getting your legs to run further than "for a bus" 2. Getting your lungs to get in enough oxygen to power your muscles.

    Both problems are helped by running slowly. I was told this about w4 and it enabled me to continue and finish the program. Don't worry about running slow, no one cares how slow you run except maybe you. Running faster can come later.

    Also listen to your body. For the next few weeks the muscles in your legs and back will ache and maybe ache a lot. This is normal. If your feet/legs/ knees/hips/back hurt and especially if it affects your gait STOP. Mostly it will go away after a couple of days, but if anything continues to hurt (not just ache a bit) then get advice. It takes a while for your body to catch up and you don't want to overdo it and get injured.

    If you are going to continue running, get running shoes. They are expensive and you need the right type, but they help lots.

  • Hi there I did invest in a good pair of running shoes (they analysed my gait etc) as I didn't want injuries to cause me problems! I'm struggling with the breathing, I seem to be only breathing in and out through my mouth rather than in through my nose- is that a problem? Maybe I should slow down the speed and concentrate on the breathing?

  • Well done with the shoes, that's one problem you won't face. Hope that breathing through the mouth isn't a problem, or I'll have to give up running :) I have problems breathing even after a year. When I'm stressed I breath by numbers - breathe out for 3 steps and in for 2, or if I'm really stressed - breathe out for 2 and in for 2. It probably just distracts me enough to get through, but it works for me.

  • That's good to know about the breathing through the mouth- I'll give your counting method a go next week when I embark on week 2! Thanks again for the message!!

  • Hi Skennedy, welcome to this group and well done on starting the C25K! It's a great programme, hard at first but so worth it in the end. I have just graduated (today) and took considerably longer than the nine weeks to get there, so my advice would be to follow the programme but adapt if you need to. You can repeat weeks if things get too hard. Also run slowly at first so you don't get injuries, there is plenty of time to speed up later. And finally, stay in touch lots on here so we know how you're getting on. Good luck! :-) xx

  • Thanks so much for the comment and for the positive message! Congratulations on graduating today- hope you feel a good sense of pride!! Xx

  • Congratulations on completing W1 - in may ways you've done the hardest part - that's starting on this journey. I hate running too - or at least I did. Then suddenly about W4 or so I began to forget how much I hated it and found that I quite liked it. Now I miss it on my rest days and just want to get out there! Just keep going - speed doesn't matter at all. It isn't a race - it's just you and your feet moving one after another. Keep on going - you will get there!!!

  • Thanks so much for the kind words!! I found that although I didn't enjoy all of the running/walking, the feeling after completing each one was a big motivator to keep going. I'm hoping I'll fall in love with running soon and that it'll help me manage stress and emotions!!

  • Well done, good idea to have a challenge to focus on. Just follow Laura's advice and tips. Take ur time and enjoy rest days! Are u running on a treadmill or outside??

  • Thanks for the reply and positivity! I'm running outside as I have a nice park nearby and I like getting fresh air and having stuff to look at! I see you've graduated from the couch to 5k- that's great, you must be really proud!

  • I love running outside and u will find as the running time increases, there are more places u can go! I am surprised that I finished C25K because I am 52 and have never been a runner before! Enjoying it though 😀

  • Well you have given me hope that i can be successful as I have never been a runner before. Are you now following another programme now you've graduated? Have you tried parkruns- that's something i'd like to do to meet some other people!

  • Outside runner here too. Nowt finer. Run slow and breathe how you feel comfortable

    running really does help your mood. Once you get out there your cares just seem to trail off behind you. It's very good for helping you to sleep better too, which will be a good thing if you're going through an anxious time

    If you keep running to Graduation and beyond it will be a good thing as you will be able to join your family members on their runs.

    Good luck with it. Go steady, and have fun!

  • Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I'm having a pretty depressing time generally just now but hoping to find some happiness in running and as you say i hope it helps with my sleeping and anxiousness. I'm looking forward to being able to say yes when my mum or her partner ask me to go running in the future!!

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