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Foot injury update 2

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Sorry if I'm telling you things that aren't of particular interest, but I said I'd keep you up to date with the recovery of my achilles injury.

I had a follow-up appointment with the osteopath today. The foot's certainly feeling better, but by no means healed. I think it would still be too painful to run on right now, and almost certain to cause more damage if I tried. The osteo gave my calf and tendon a *very* thorough massage (ouch!) and another bit of acupuncture. Although the massage was VERY uncomfortable at times, though in a masochistic good way, afterwards it feel amazing - almost glowing. Must be the blood flow that it caused.

He told me to give it two or three days for the treatment to take effect, then start with some short gentle sessions of running. That's got me more comfortable about being ready for the QE Olympic Park 10K on 13th December, though the training schedule has gone to pot! I've got another appointment the day after to see how it is, and perhaps get a leg masssage post-race.

Also, I've got my induction in the activity room at the sports centre the running club is based at this afternoon. My first time in a gym with training equipment!

Speak to you later, folks. Enjoy your running. You only appreciate just how good it is to run when you can't!!!

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Sounds encouraging Steve, fingers crossed. Good luck at the gym I'm just off there myself to give it some stick on the cycling machine

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Your race is imminent. I hope you're gonna be ready. Have you considered how you'll feel if you're not ready?

As regards the gym equipment, bear in mind non-load bearing equipment is what you'll need. They'll put you on the right kit but you have to tell them you're injured, so don't omit to tell them!

The massage etc does get the blood flow going ok but, and there is a but, it doesn't mean you're cured I'm afraid. I went through that initial feeling of wonderment post ultra sound which restored and stimulated my leg but it stimulated the pain too, in a very big way. Ouchy bloody ouch. Not wanting to be a pessimist as that's totally not me but I don't want you to go racing if you're not fully recovered. Mind you, you'll know, so sorry to nag

I'm doing the calf stretches a heck of a lot as part of my physio and they do strengthen the entire leg, inc the ankle. You have to do them slowly and deliberately, getting the stretch right at the bottom and going up as high as poss but they don't half work well. I do these singly now for 60 secs each leg x 4 times a day. Staring out of a window at some scenery does help.

Being injured is a lonely time - or it can be - but you have us to talk to at least. Hang in there, it won't always be dark at six! x

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks, Miss W. I'm feeling sensible enough not to rush it, and if it doesn't feel comfortable in that 2-3 days, I'll leave it longer before testing it.

I'll be sure to tell them about my injury, and I certainly won't be putting any stress on the ankle!

If I'm not ready in time for the race, I'll be disappointed, but I won't do anything silly.

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I hope you'll soon be right because the longer the injury lasts the more down in the dumps you can get. You sort of feel out of the loop too as everyone else is running but you're not, and you can resent those that are out there. Hope it doesn't come to that but please take care not to make it worse. Keep on with the ice! The ice is THE thing. It really helps with the inflammation. I gave up milk and have never really got back on it. I made ice in polystyrene cups or those silicone muffin moulds. Each one lasts about 10 minutes and you play it over your injured ankle, all round, til its melted. You can do that while watching the telly.

It really helped me, and I made sure I kept a supply in the freezer. It helps to do positive things as you feel that at least you're in charge of your recovery. Your osteopath and gym are part of that process. Keep your chin up!

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PigiviGraduate in reply to misswobble

I was doing that then I found a cheap cold/hot pack in the pharmacy , it's great as I can strap it around my knee with a neoprene knee brace, and it stays put so I can still walk around 😃

Sounds very positive - resist the temptation to rush back!!!!!

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

Oh, I will!

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Fingers crossed that youre going to be okay for your race , Steve. You've got another 2 weeks ( well, minus a day ) . I suppose its just a " wait and see how it is " isn't it ? Lets hope you are fit enough on the day to compete :-) xxx

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to poppypug

Yep. Went and used the gym I've got access to this afternoon and had a good workout. Pleased that general fitness seems ok!

Thanks for the update Steve and it sounds as if you are doing all the right things. That massage sounds grim but it must have been a "good hurt"! I hope you enjoy the gym. You'll be like a kid in a sweet shop!

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

My first time with fitness equipment! 25 minutes of spinning and 20 on a cross trainer. I worked up quite a sweat!

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That is so true ! (About appreciating running )

Hope you'll recover quickly, as MissW said the I.C is a lonely place to be! Even if, it seems a bit crowded at the moment!

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Fingers crossed the osteo has worked a bit of magic with that painful massage. Listen to your body -you'll know in your heart of hearts if it's safe to run or not. Good luck, m'dear :)

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Glad to hear the foot is feeling better. Hopefully it will be in shape for your race.

How did you like the gym? I'm finally starting to enjoy weights in the sense that I can feel the muscles working and can understand how they'd support my running.

Does your gym have a yoga class? I find that very helpful for running as well though I don't do it as often as I should.

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

I enjoyed the gym, though I didn't use the weights. I'll look out for yoga classes; they may well do.

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