Update- 6 weeks since gradutation

Hello guys,

Remember me? It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything, though I have been silently perusing the forum reading other peoples updates. It's nice seeing how many people who graduated around the same time as me are still up and running, smashing more and more running goals.

Although I do feel a bit like I'm lagging behind as I have yet to even run 5k. For 5 weeks I have been running to the c25k w9 podcasts three times a week. I have changed things up a bit recently by running to the stepping stones podcast to help speed up my running and increase my distance. After an abysmal first go, in which I couldn't complete the entire thing, I gave it another go today and it was hard but this time I stuck with it til the end so woo.

Will keep going with this podcast for a few weeks before replaicng two of my three weekly runs for the stamina and speed podcasts.

Maybe I'll even feel brave enough to try out a 5k run soon :P


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  • Hi! I remember you! your plan sounds good :) I'm going to give the stepping stones a go too soon. sounds like it's best to slowly build up to 5k even once you have finished the plan. I know I'm definitely not able to do it yet. good luck!

  • thanks :) it's nice to know that I'm not alone on not feeling quite up to a 5k. And yeah you should definitely give stepping stones a go, it really helped me up my pace. Even the five minute warm up walk was faster than I am used to lol.

  • Be kind to yourself - this is still very early days in your running career. Don't get too hung up on getting to a specific speed or achievement - it's good to reach those milestones, but the important thing is to enjoy what you are doing - and what you are doing is fantastic!

    Well done for graduating and keeping going - the rest will come with time.

  • thank you pfw. I do really enjoy running and I really don't want my insecurities ruining it for me but sometimes they just get to me. I will try and focus on what your advice.

  • You're doing great if you are getting out there and running for 30 mins three times a week! Just what the programme intended!

  • thank you Ullyrunner :)

  • I'd say you're doing great. So many of us have tried to do too much too soon and regretted it. Your progress sounds very sensible and sustainable. Keep on doing what you're doing !!!

  • Thank you, it's nice to hear that I'm doing alright planning my own running schedule. I think I'm just so used to the c25k method of weekly increases to running time that now that I'm doing the same runs week after week I feel like I'm not progressing.

  • I think u r doing great! We graduated about the same time and I tried a 10K programme (legs told me to stop after a week)! Running club for Improvers (2 clubs), didn't enjoy it as I was the slow chubby one in one of them and they were fighting to be faster and better, the other one trudged in the dark round the dark streets - both of them have given me a sore knee 😟!

    I should have done what u r doing, allow my legs to settle and stamina to grow and then think about 5K. I am doing 5k X 3 times a week now. If you have the pace right, running a bit longer actually would be fine (have u measured what distance u cover in 30 minutes)?? Julie πŸ˜„

  • Hi JoolieB1, yes our graduations were very close together! Sorry to hear about your sore knee. I hope you're enjoying your 5k runs more than you did the 10k runs and running club :)

    I always use mapmyrun when I go out running, which is mostly accurate I think. I think I'm actually getting quite addicted to checking how far I've gone after each run to know if I've beaten my last distance. The most I've covered is 3.88km, which I was really chuffed about (and still am tbh)

  • When we remember what we were doing, being able to run any distance at any speed is a complete turnaround

  • Those podcasts are really good. I ran Speed yesterday. Sheesh it was hard! Good though. Mix em up and run them often and they'll move your running on no end.

    Have fun!

  • I agree they are really good, I was a bit worried they wouldn't live up to the c25k podcasts but they're just as good even if they are a bit different :)

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