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Wk9/R2 and we are feeling so good!!!


A lot of faffing about at first hubby couldn't play podcast and my run keeper playlist was, for some unknown reason, out of synch. We eventually got going and had a really good run and covered a little bit more distance today so we are improving. I had a sports massage from a physioterrorist last night to ease my Iliotibial Band and I had to use a towel as a gag to stop me screaming out. She really worked on my legs and they felt great this morning - no twinges and it felt as though I was lighter on my feet (almost gazelle like) Seriously if you can stand the discomfort have a massage and if by any chance you are a member of medicash then you may be able to claim for up to £250 p.a. providing the sports massage is given by a physio. The other news is that we are joining a running group in our local park so we will run with them after our graduation. Our first run in public so that will be another ' must do' checked off.

I am so excited about our graduation run on Saturday and just hope all goes well. Good luck to you all and happy running

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I have my graduation run on saturday as well. It coincides with a charity 5k run so that should be a good graduation run! Think I'm more excited about getting my graduation badge on here than my finishers medal at the run though :)

So happy I started this programme and still surprised that it works! I need to find a running group near me as well to keep motivation up after graduating.

I ran last night and was nowhere near gazelle like but was still a good run, if a little warm.

Good luck for your run on saturday and well done!

OldgirlGraduate in reply to bjammin

Check out Parkrun venue's bjammin there may be one in your area, every Saturday 9.00am England & Wales 9.30am in Scotland. There are now hundreds of them all over the UK.

MazzeroGraduate in reply to bjammin

Good luck with your 5k Bjammin I am sure you will graduate with flying colours on Saturday. I live in Wirral and found our local running groups on the Run England website. I was surprised about how many there are even 5 k seaside runs every month from March to October


GOOD LUCK MAZZERO AND BJAMMIN! Will be thinking about you both on Saturday and hope it's a good run! Shiny grey badge in sight for you now! Enjoy your run and you'll have a wonderful feeling afterwards - promise! Go Gazelles, Go!

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Beek

Ah thank you Beek I am so excited about getting that badge The gazelle comparison was a bit tongue in cheek but there is no harm in wishful thinking


Well done all 3 of you looking forward to reading about your graduation runs.

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thank you Old Girl.


thanks for the kind posts :)

Carolecal in reply to bjammin

Hi bjammin..Lots of luck for the Big One on Saturday !

Well done for getting this far and very best of luck with your graduation runs this weekend!! Will be looking forward to seeing your grad posts and shiny badges!!

MazzeroGraduate in reply to muzikalbadger

Thank you Muzikalbadger. Your graduation badge really suits you. You worked so hard for that and I will be proud to join you

Ooh Mazz, so close now ! Rooting for you for your Grad Run on Saturday ....you will soon be dazzling us all with the coveted shiny badge .Good luck....make it a great one :)

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Carolecal

Thanks Carole. You are not that far behind and once you get past wk 7 and more conditioned to the longer runs it gets much better. I'll be following your progress


That's great to hear that you are doing so well, good luck on saturday:)

MazzeroGraduate in reply to splenda78

Thank you Splenda and big congratulations on your graduation. I'm sorry I missed your graduation post. Where is your shiny badge???


All the best for your graduation runs on Saturday. Can't wait to hear how you get on!

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Scipio

Thanks Scipio Just think that this is where you will be next week. Exciting !!!


Well done Mazzero!!

Eee I'm so excited for yor graduation! Good luck to you and everyone else on Saturday!

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Jefna

Thanks J. I'm going to work really hard for that race for life next year.

JefnaGraduate in reply to Mazzero

You've already worked hard, and you'll do great next year!

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