Wk9/R2 and we are feeling so good!!!

A lot of faffing about at first hubby couldn't play podcast and my run keeper playlist was, for some unknown reason, out of synch. We eventually got going and had a really good run and covered a little bit more distance today so we are improving. I had a sports massage from a physioterrorist last night to ease my Iliotibial Band and I had to use a towel as a gag to stop me screaming out. She really worked on my legs and they felt great this morning - no twinges and it felt as though I was lighter on my feet (almost gazelle like) Seriously if you can stand the discomfort have a massage and if by any chance you are a member of medicash then you may be able to claim for up to £250 p.a. providing the sports massage is given by a physio. The other news is that we are joining a running group in our local park so we will run with them after our graduation. Our first run in public so that will be another ' must do' checked off.

I am so excited about our graduation run on Saturday and just hope all goes well. Good luck to you all and happy running

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  • I have my graduation run on saturday as well. It coincides with a charity 5k run so that should be a good graduation run! Think I'm more excited about getting my graduation badge on here than my finishers medal at the run though :)

    So happy I started this programme and still surprised that it works! I need to find a running group near me as well to keep motivation up after graduating.

    I ran last night and was nowhere near gazelle like but was still a good run, if a little warm.

    Good luck for your run on saturday and well done!

  • Check out Parkrun venue's bjammin there may be one in your area, every Saturday 9.00am England & Wales 9.30am in Scotland. There are now hundreds of them all over the UK.

  • Good luck with your 5k Bjammin I am sure you will graduate with flying colours on Saturday. I live in Wirral and found our local running groups on the Run England website. I was surprised about how many there are even 5 k seaside runs every month from March to October

  • GOOD LUCK MAZZERO AND BJAMMIN! Will be thinking about you both on Saturday and hope it's a good run! Shiny grey badge in sight for you now! Enjoy your run and you'll have a wonderful feeling afterwards - promise! Go Gazelles, Go!

  • Ah thank you Beek I am so excited about getting that badge The gazelle comparison was a bit tongue in cheek but there is no harm in wishful thinking

  • Well done all 3 of you looking forward to reading about your graduation runs.

  • Thank you Old Girl.

  • thanks for the kind posts :)

  • Hi bjammin..Lots of luck for the Big One on Saturday !

  • Well done for getting this far and very best of luck with your graduation runs this weekend!! Will be looking forward to seeing your grad posts and shiny badges!!

  • Thank you Muzikalbadger. Your graduation badge really suits you. You worked so hard for that and I will be proud to join you

  • Ooh Mazz, so close now ! Rooting for you for your Grad Run on Saturday ....you will soon be dazzling us all with the coveted shiny badge .Good luck....make it a great one :)

  • Thanks Carole. You are not that far behind and once you get past wk 7 and more conditioned to the longer runs it gets much better. I'll be following your progress

  • That's great to hear that you are doing so well, good luck on saturday:)

  • Thank you Splenda and big congratulations on your graduation. I'm sorry I missed your graduation post. Where is your shiny badge???

  • All the best for your graduation runs on Saturday. Can't wait to hear how you get on!

  • Thanks Scipio Just think that this is where you will be next week. Exciting !!!

  • Well done Mazzero!!

    Eee I'm so excited for yor graduation! Good luck to you and everyone else on Saturday!

  • Thanks J. I'm going to work really hard for that race for life next year.

  • You've already worked hard, and you'll do great next year!

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