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B210k Week 2 Here we go!!

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That was hard work. Managed to keep up the pace for the first bit but it definitely slowed and got more difficult as I got into the second half of the run. Hearing the lap marker was a bit of a spur and it did feel good getting past 6 then 7k. I knew I would reach 8k on the time I was doing but on reaching that it was then a matter of 'only another 90 seconds or so to go so push on a bit farther'. But could I do it? I thought I would not make it to the end of those last 90 seconds. I did but it was a real struggle almost as bad as the dreadful Week 3 of C25k. But I've got through and now I have another two of these runs to look forward to.

Thanks for all the encouragement and good luck to those who have started on the same 'path' as it were. Happy running.

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Wow, you are a star! Good on you, Delia

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Cheers Delia. Reckon Sunday will be ok but the real test will be after I am back at work on Monday.

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I dunno, I think being back at work may well be a plus! You know, after a fortnight at home with kids, mother-in-law, kid's boyfriends, turkeys, too much food in tout court and general upheaval of my "normal" routine, running has actually been harder than before. Something about the laid back way of getting out of the door and not rushing to the shower afterwards -- after all, no rush to get to work -- have been good and bad at the same time. Believe it orn not, I'm quite looking forward to Monday :-D

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RollertoasterGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

I completely agree. I am a creature of habit and don't like my routine being disturbed! However, I do appreciate being able to run in the light when not at work.

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And I'm sure I am too. The half of the holiday when I am preparing or doing admin rather than actually being in school is often a drag on time. I don't rush anything either, despite my best intentions. The running has benefited me a lot and I know that I have been able to fit it all in before, so why not this programme too? (And that won't even take me to half term, all being well.)

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Well done James. I am beginning to think now this will be harder than I thought after reading yours and Matthew's posts.....Will find out tomorrow - gulp!!

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jandaGraduate in reply to SBG356

Thanks Sue. Good luck with your first go at this. It really is about doing what you can at your pace and building yourself up. There is no rush to get there. Endurance is the key. Go for it.

Wow James - 8K on only the second week? I haven't looked at the program yet but I now think I'll be an even slower starter than I had planned. A LOT more speed and (especially) Stamina before I attempt anything much longer.

Well done and keep on running!

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jandaGraduate in reply to thinnerandfitter

Thanks thinnerandfitter. I am really pleased with my distances and times so far. But zi know that I have to work hard at it. I spent sbout nine weeks afyer graduation just trying out varioud things before deciding that it had to be B210k now rather than

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jandaGraduate in reply to janda

Whoops .... rather than waiting into January. At some point I will get out for the local parkrun too: after all it sets off 5 minutes from my front door! You will do things at your own pace and build up in your own way. However you do it, good luck.

Well done James and Matthew too! Yes-definitely looking a lot harder than I thought. You are both giving me something to thing about whilst I get my knee into recovery. Managed a seven minute walk to the shops, with 7 minutes return, at warm-up pace, without any bad effects yesterday morning-yipeeee!

I hadn't realised you are a teacher? What subject? My daughter is primary-year 2-and my son is Head of Department for P.E., so he doesn't get the admin that you and Lisa have to do during the hols, lol!!

Carry on with the headers-great to be able to seek out B210 at a glance, rather than trail through the whole lot!

Good luck with the Park Run too-which reminds me I have yet to register for the Poole Park Runs.

Colette x

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jandaGraduate in reply to Pearsey

Hi Colette. Thanks for the post. I'm deputy head of a special school and, till very recently, taught secondary age ICT. Good to hear from other teachers and those with connections to the profession.

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Pearsey in reply to janda

A heavy load you bear then? Matt also teaches English to immigrant children. He came into teaching quite by accident. He was an assistant at a Comprehensive school and they realised early on that he had a way with children who have special needs. Promoted to a mentor as well as helping these children. Once they had persuaded him to take his post-grad degree it helped in his job selection-in fact the school he was at are constantly head hunting him; they want him back!

He always worked for the council run "Playgroups" during holiday time when he was doing his first round at Uni, and he worked in all the different sections. There again it was noted his special rapport with these children-especially at ASPIRE in Stanmore, where they run a summer playgroup for disabled children.

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8k is fantastic! I don't think I'll be anywhere near that any time soon!! Keep up the good work! Lucy

You are doing so well on this programme! Really inspiring stuff! Well done, 8K already?! Only 2 to go! WOOO :)

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