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Had to give in and go for acupuncture

So I tried a week ago to run as my hip felt better'ish, but no the easy run brought the pain back on. So today I managed to get an appointment with an Acupunturist. She soon found the spot, I've had acupuncture, massage and cupping so fingers crossed that it does some good. They recommend 3 sessions for good results which I know as I've had it before for neck and shoulder problems but I'm off on holiday on Saturday so no chance of another session before then. So instead of running I'm doing the housework and trying to keep moving but not wanting to make things worse. I need a magic wand right now, anyone got one :)

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I am in the same boat, after over two weeks of rest i attempted week 1 as i thought a combination of walking and running would be better, it wasnt! :(

So disappointed....oh well. Good luck with your hip.


Going for acupuncture isn't giving in oldgirl! Sorry that the pain is back. Enjoy your holiday and think about more acupuncture when you get back.


Hope the acupuncture makes it better. I am a complementary therapist is I believe these treatments work but you do need a few sessions so when you get back from your hols ensure you go back. My heel won't be better for a while so I am at last listening to the physio!

Enjoy your holiday!


Some warm air and a rest; enjoy your holiday and fingers crossed that it will feel a lot better by the time you're back :)


Sorry to hear you are in pain :-( but hoping holiday does you good in all sorts of ways - and you are back up to speed soon :-) best wishes S x


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