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Week 7 complete, onwards to Week 8

So, Week 7 was completed yesterday in the snow.

Monday (Run 1) was hard after the two runs at the weekend - think might have overdone it. Going from 2 x 10 minute runs to a 25 minute run was a bit of an increase. Could still feel a little discomfort following the fall but perserved.

Run 2 and Run 3 were easier. Run 2 was a little slow but Run 3 was a much better run - managed the whole 25 minutes and covered slightly (and I do mean slightly) more distance than the two previous runs. My app currently estimates that it will take me 50 minutes to run 5k so need to work on both distance and pace.

Looking forward to Week 8, feel that the 3 minute increase should be doable ahead of Week 9, which rather than be a 30 minute run is going to be a 5k run - bit worrying given that doubling my run time seems a little bit undoable but not going to stress about it. The focus this week is covering the 28 minutes and work on improving my pace.

Can't believe that 8 weeks ago, 60 seconds was tough and now can run for 25 whole minutes!

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I hope you know that you aren't expected to run 5k in week 9. The programme asks for 30 minutes non stop and that is all. 5k can follow on after graduation once you have consolidated your new skill.

Good luck with your final 2 weeks - don't be tempted to overdo it!


Fantastic! You won't even notice such a small increase, just keep plodding on and look after ur legs


Impressed that you ran in the snow, I'm not that brave!

I noted that you say you ran twice at the weekend and then again on Monday... now that you're running for longer each time you may need to ensure you take your rest days - give those muscles and joints a rest.

Just take it slow and steady, its all about how long you run for, not how far.


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