Week 8 completed

Hi everyone :)

The penultimate week completed and I'm starting to get a little excited as Graduation Day comes that little bit closer :)

For week 8 I decided to change things slightly. Firstly, I started w8 having only taken one days rest between ending w7 and starting w8. This is so my Graduation Day falls on a Sunday rather than a Monday. Gives me more time to celebrate.....fingers crossed :) Secondly, it was a post by carole01 in response to my 'Week 7 Completed' post that set the seed (thanks, Carole). Over the weeks I have been increasing my speed at the start of each new week to enable me to reach the target of running 5k in 30 minutes by week 9 run 3. However, I realised that by week 9 this would mean that each run would be a 30 minute 5k and result in three 5k runs over a 6 day period and may take too much out of me by w9r3.

So, I decided to run the first two runs (r1 and r2) at a reduced speed to get the 28 minute runs under my belt. This worked really well and I felt I completed these two runs with plenty in reserve. Then for r3 I upped the speed to 9km/h to keep me on target for the 30 min 5k goal. Again, this worked well and I completed r3 fairly comfortably and could have actually carried on to 30 minutes but I thought better of it ;)

After completing week 8 I must say I feel great :) My stamina and fitness levels are improving week on week and the best bit is, I can 'feel' I'm getting fitter and I'm liking it :)

So, week 9 starts next Wednesday and hopefully by the Sunday, I'll have Graduated.......fingers crossed :)

For w8 I walked at a pace of 4km/h and a running speed of 7km/h for r1 and r2 covering a combined walk/run distance of 3.9k for each of the two walk/runs. For r3 I walked at a pace of 4km/h and a running speed of 9km/h covering a combined walk/run distance of 4.8k.

In old money (approx): 4km/h = 2.5 mph. 7km/h = 4.4 mph. 9km/h = 5.6 mph. 4.8k = 2.9 miles.

Best wishes to everyone working their way through the c25k and to all those thinking of starting, just go for it :)

Regards, Paul

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33 Replies

  • wow, you are speedy...well done you and a great plan for getting there which I know you will :)

  • Thanks, jj :) fingers crossed ;)

  • All the best for week 9 paul, look forward to reading that graduation post! :)

  • Thank you. I'm looking forward to writing it ;)

  • Great news. Not long now and you'll have your shiny graduation badge by your name!

    In the words of Laura ..... 'hi, I'm Laura' ..... no, not that quote! .......'Go for it!!'

  • Haha, looking forward to getting hold of the badge and I love it when Laura tells me to 'Go for it' ;)

  • Thanks, kk. Not yet, but it's on my list ;)

  • Congrats Paul. Onwards to Graduation then!

  • Thanks, Beth. Hopefully ;)

  • Well done Paul - nearly there now and a good idea to plan your graduation day on a weekend, good thinking Batman :-)

    Onwards to Week 9 , Happy Running :-) xxx

  • Thank you :) With it being a Sunday (no work) I can also partake in a little drop of alcoholic beverage too ;)

  • Well done Paul. Good luck with week 9.

  • Thank you ;)

  • Sounds like a good plan :-). A good pace being achieved!!!

  • It seems to be working so far so fingers crossed it'll keep working for the last week ;)

  • As Bazza says, stop thinking and just enjoy the running. You are on the home straight Paul. Good luck.

  • Thanks, Ian. Lol, I'll probably stop thinking and start enjoying once I've Graduated ;)

  • Hey, well done you!

    Just a week to go, it's getting exciting!!!

    Me think there is no chance of you missing your target.

    Will you eventually run outside?

  • Thanks, franny ;) I'm getting excited about it, too.

    Yes, once I've Graduated I'll be venturing outside. I've already registered with my local Park Run and I'm looking forward to running in my first one. I intend doing a week or two of outside running before tackling the park run.

    I fully intend using the treadmill as part of my training as I like the ability to set a fixed pace and stick to that pace for the duration of the run. It's not easy to do that outside as you naturally slow down and speed up meaning your pace fluctuates throughout.

  • Oh, I would love to have a go at a park run, but unfortunately they don't exist in Sweden. Ah well, maybe next year if I go and visit the grandkids in Nottingham!

  • Maybe a goal for you to complete ;) Mind you, how about trying to set one up over there? Not sure how you would go about it but I believe one has just been set up in Singapore ;)

  • Hi Paul. It's really useful to see your plan. Sounds like a good one & I wish you every success. I'm currently making heavy weather of wk 8 but will get it done this week. I do my walks quicker that your plan but I'm running a lot slower at only 7.3 kph on my best day. I'm impressed that you can just hike it up to 9! Good for u!

  • Thank you and glad you find it useful. Right from the start of my c25k I have been increasing my running pace by 0.5km/h as each new week commences so I've been building it up gradually over the weeks. I've only tweaked it for weeks 8 and 9 as I didn't want to be running three 30 minute 5k's in week 9. I think that would have been too much to handle ;) Good luck with w8 and keep us informed on how you get on.

  • Well done Paul! You're gonna beat me to it now as I had a bad run on Friday due to the heat and yesterday was a calamity and I've ended up falling behind :(

    I may repeat a few runs so my graduation falls on a Friday as it's currently going to be a Wednesday!

    Good luck for your final few runs and I hope they are as enjoyable as Week 8 sounded for you. Nearly there now! :) xx

  • Thank you :) Sorry to hear you had a bad run but good luck for the test of programme. See you at the finish line ;)

  • Hi Paul! Good, good! have a nice week and a great graduation! Best regards. Ana

  • Thank you, Ana and good luck with your remaining runs :)

  • Well done you!

    Graduation is so close you can almost smell it :-)

  • Haha. Thanks. I can indeed smell it and it smells lovely ;)

  • Crikey you are fast. And thank you for being so encouraging when I asked if I was the slowest graduate ever. My stats were 3.3km in 30 mins :) xxx

  • Thank you and you're welcome;)

  • All the best for Week 9 - that's some crackin' pace there... Any chance of a Parkrun graduation run? :)

  • Thanks, Aussie. I had thought about it but I think it'll be a couple of weeks yet before I give my local park run a go :) Hoping to complete w9r3 today ;)

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