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Wk 5 Run 3 - I Did It!!!

I can't believe it. Been worrying about this all week, I Kept re-reading everyone's lovely encouraging words and got up early this morning and just went for it.

I must have paced myself just right as I never felt so tired to even think about stopping. I find getting the right rhythm breathing and running quite hard, I probably concentrated on that more than anything.

Great to end the hardest week so far on such a high.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me till now, especially redfraggle1 - it's all your fault (ha-ha) x

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Fantastic well done on getting through that one


Oh, well done. I just posted that I had done my 20 mins this morning and then spotted your post. I was amazed that it was easier than I thought it was going to be. Well done again and keep going :)

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Fab stuff, so well done to you. You'll be on that cloud all day!


Very well done - that's a real milestone run!

Pacing and keeping so that you can breath comfortably - they are always the key to long runs.

Good running - and good luck for week 6!



Good for you. It's a breeze after the sixth week. You've done the hardest part


You did well. Congratulations


The posts are fantastic especially when you face a hard week, well done, you have learnt how to pace yourself for a longer run. Isn't it awesome, you ran for 20 minutes non stop!!!!!!! Week 6 is still challenging, nothing u can't handle though. Repeat the same again. I have graduated now and ran 5K yesterday in 35 minutes, I was nice and slow through the programme and then my speed picked up naturally. Julie


I did mine yesterday was so pleased with myself just broke it down soon flew by


We can all do more than we just proved that!!! Congratulations.


Well done! It's such an achievement.


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