Week 6 run 2.... Hardest yet!!

Hi all, I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks but this is my first post. Today I did the second run of week 2 and it was my hardest run to date, I had to walk for 10 seconds 2 minutes before the end! I was gutted and carried on running 10 seconds after but I just had to slow down and walk. Why was this so hard? I was hoping that after doing that 20 minute run things would become slightly easier but that is not the case at all. I'm dreading the next run! Please tell me it gets better?!


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  • It does. If you search week 6 run 2 on here, you will find it is one of the runs that people struggle with the most. After this it's back to unbroken runs and that actually seems to be easier.

    Give it another go - I'm sure you'll crack it!

  • It definitely does! You'll get there, just keep going :-) You've made great progress already, look how far you've come since week 1!

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself time to adjust. Go with what you can manage. If you struggle too much you will be tempted to give up. Just do as you did, take it back a notch. Go with what you can handle and above all enjoy it. Fitness will come and it will get easier.

  • It was the same for me and many others for week 6 - definitly a hard week! It didn't make sense to me either after week 5's elation!

    This program really works- slow down , listen to Laura do as she says and you'll smash it πŸ˜ŠπŸƒπŸ»

  • Have a look at all the week 6 posts - everybody says exactly what you are saying - even those who are now doing crazy things like half marathons and such. Keep at it. You will have your graduation badge in no time! :)

  • Well done for doing it. Week 6 is notorious as it's a shock after W5R3. Just take it steady and you will be fine. Don't let the head gremlins get you, trust in Laura and she'll get you there. Good luck

  • I'm just about to do this at some point today!! Have to say, I'm now dreading it, however if I fail I will be redoing. Going to have a look at what this run requires. I was so pleased after I done week 5 run 3 that I made a post and like you I hardly post. I was told week 6 is tough. Run 1 was tougher for some reason but doable. I'm also at the gym today as well as my run, so unsure whether to do both. Are you moving on or redoing? I think everyone's right to keep at it, don't be beat and see how far you've come from week 1. It's took me 10 month to get to where I am (so unfit and overweight). I would hate to give up on what I've achieved. Do what you feel is necessary to move on with it, good luck!

  • I think the issue with W6 is that people expect it to be easy after W5R3. That causes two problems: Firstly they start too fast thinking they will not need to pace themselves, and secondly they get fed-up when it turns out to be just as hard as before.

    You can do W6 - if you have done the course so far then you are physically ready for it. It's just that you need to accept that it will still be a challenge and start off no faster than you did for W5R3. If you make an effort to do that then you _know_ you can run 20mins at that pace so those gremlins won't be able to tell you otherwise!

    Good luck!


  • Just remember to take it slowly, you will be fine :)

  • Same with me! I hadn't read the posts about Week 6, so after the great feeling of the longer run at the end of week 5, I was expecting the shorter runs at the beginning of Week 6 to be a bit of a breeze. They weren't! But I got through them, so hoping to do run 3 week 6 this afternoon.

    I'm sure you will do fine after all the effort and application you've put in so far.

  • I had exactly the same problem and thought I would never do the long runs, but now on week 8 and yes you can do it!!

  • I found this run hard also. Keep going ur doing great πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  • This must be the most common post - hitting W6 and finding it harder than expected.

    Don't be disheartened. You will probably find that W6R3 is easier than you expect. Some people like the interval runs but for many (including me), if I stop and walk it disrupts the rhythm and makes it harder to re-start running. I think that's doubly the case in cooler weather when you have cooled down significantly from your run during a 3 or 5 min walk.

    Make sure you pace yourself starting out on R3, but remember - it's only 2 minutes longer than W5R3 and you managed that one, so it won't cause you any real trouble.

    Best of luck with it!


  • Thank you all! I'm now looking forward to getting out and getting that 25 minute run in the bag!

    Nice and slow and steady for me tomorrow. I also went in the middle of the day where as I normally run in the evening and I'm sure all the daytime runs have been harder (don't ask me why) think I will stick to evenings! I'm going to carry on rather than repeating, however if I do struggle will repeat the whole of week 6.

  • You're doing ssssoooo well. Just take it steady from here ☺

  • I was exactly the same but my nemesis was week 7 rather than 6. It took me three weeks to crack it.

    It's definitely worth keeping going though, you will get there. Try not to worry too much about not completing it or stopping for a break, just go out again in a couple of days and try again.

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