Week 6 Run 2

Well, that's me finished Week 6, Run 2. No more walking for me! Strangely, after the first 10 minute run today I was gutted that I had to stop as I felt I was on a roll! But I followed the podcast to the letter! However, I found it hard to get going for the second 10 minute run. Although I got to the end, I felt that I'd lost the momentum. Ah well, onwards and upwards to Run 3! 25 minutes??! I'm hoping that I gain momentum and keep going! I'm slow, but I get there :D

Am a bit scared of no walking stops tho!

Does anyone have any tips to keep themselves motivated during the run?

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  • To keep motivated I think about all the grub I am going to shove down my cakehole when I get to Florida next year. I don't think about the run - I just do it and try not to think "oh God, only half way".. I try and occupy my mind (with drivel usually!) :-D

    Well done on your run - you're on the home stretch now :-D

  • Someone told me that food should never be a reward! Are they crazy, the promise of a cooked breakfast works for my chunky legs every time LOL

  • Definitely crazy! As long as it's fairly healthy food (I'm veggie anyways, so most of my food is pretty healthy) with a treat after a run, what's the harm!

  • Food! I am food motivated! Maybe I should give that a go lol. Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi gwennypenny :-) I did W6R2 this morning as well, and I agree about the getting going issue (same with W6R1) - once I had run for a minute or two I was back into it, but felt heavy legs after the walking bit. I reckon that the running with no walks is actually easier now !

    My motivation is my music playlist (and breakfast and a coffee when I get home !)

    Good luck for R3 :-)

  • I'm glad it's not just me! This is the first time I've felt the heavy legs thing, so I can't wait til I'm just running with no stopping!

    And once I've graduated C25K I can listen to my own music, and not the hilariously cheesy stuff that plays during the podcast lol

  • I've not heard the podcast music as I listen to it via the app, which means I can play my own music in the background - sounds like it's quite bad ! Is it anything recognisable, or just elevator music ?!

  • Everything sounds vaguely like a well known song, but is about 50% as good as something you'd like lol. I might do the app on my phone when I graduate and move onto the next programme, as I'm not sure how much more of it I can take lol

  • I do the same - usually with radio. pleased not to have the musac!

  • Hi,

    I just did wk6 run3 today and the no intervals is easier, I think. You can let your mind wander, keep the pace steady and get through it! I was having a 'when will it get easier' wobble last night, but for (a small) part of my run today I was just running and it was easier! Then it got a bit tough but by then I had 5 mins to go and I knew it was do-able. Good luck to you both you will storm it!


  • Woo hoo! Well done!! I'm hoping I get through it as well as you did when I'm out tomorrow night!!

  • Yep, just think about the end result. What it will be like on Graduation Day and getting that virtual badge. You can even buy a real badge! You will be fitter by then and have more puff, so you can plan what you'll do when you hit run 3 week 9. Just lose yourself in the run and it'll be over in no time

    Have fun!

  • A badge! I am a fan of badges too lol. It was nice running in the rain today. Kept me cool and I did lose myself in the first half of the run. It was that walk in the middle that spoiled it all!

  • I found that by this stage, walking mid way made it harder for me too. I think you will enjoy the non stop 25 minutes, easier to plod on at the same pace - excited for u!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Julie

  • Exactly! It's as though your body gains a momentum of its own, and you just have to keep mentally strong throughout. The walking just slows everything down and makes it harder to get going again!

  • After graduating, I started a 10K programme. Week 10 was 4 X 10 min runs with 1 min walk break. I hated it, felt as if I was back in time and my knees started to hurt. Now I am doing 3 x30 mins u til I am ready to increase my time by 10%, I want to run not walk LOL

  • I think sometimes you almost have to do what suits you and your body, and just use the programme as a guide of sorts. Did you use the NHS 10K one? So I know which one to avoid!

  • I don't know if there is one, I used Zenlabs

  • I'll download that and see what it's like :)

  • short and sweet, just run it like you have run all the others :D don't over think it ... a nice reward at the end is always a good way to go :D

  • We really are like animals, working for rewards lol

  • Well done you! Sounds like you're making excellent progress. I just try to think about how pleased I'll be when I get to the end of the run, and how much I've achieved already :-)

  • Sound advice! I do try and focus on the end and how happy I'll be with myself, but it's hard :)

  • I actually liked the longer runs better as even now it takes me about 3-5 mins to get a really good rhythm with my breathing ;) I found it was worth thinking in chunks of 5 mins so first 5 getting breathing right 2nd 5 1/3 of way next 5 half way etc and once you are over half way there is no point stopping !! good luck relax and don't worry :)

  • Thank you!

    I'll let everyone know how I get on tomorrow!

  • Distraction works for me. I set my phone to play the radio (usually radio 2 - i am now officially middle aged) and then start Laura over the top. I get drawn into the music or the banter and the time goes faster.

    Hope you find what works for you - so nearly there - keep going - well done x

  • I might be even more middle-aged than you, as I only listen to Radio 4 lol. I was wondering what audiobooks might be like...

  • Nothing wrong with a bit of radio 4 - whatever age you are :-)

    I can't get on with audiobooks - they take too much concentration and I find my mind wanders too much and I lose track of the story. At least with the radio if you happen to tune out, you can normally pick it back up again ok.

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