Good run tonight!

Good run tonight!

The knee was finally feeling better tonight and so I hit the pavement. I tried some pace work at the beginning (realizing that I wouldn't be able to maintain it) and ran 7.5 minutes per km for about the first 1.6km. That totally kicked my arse, but I still ran for the whole 30 minutes. That said, I think I might start some pace work after my 5k this Saturday. In the meantime, I will take it easier. Take a load of this picture! Anyone else suddenly want lobster?

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  • Well done and glad the knee behaved. My face goes that colour too AND I've got a top that colour. Match made in heaven.

  • I was even more red than usual this time thanks to the pace work. I had to start laughing. I'm usually flushed, but this (and the matching top) was perfect.

  • Glad that the knee is holding up. You looked pretty chuffed - pink face just shows you've been working hard!

  • Thanks Ully. I just thought it looked pretty funny.

  • Matches your top! Ha

    At the start of my run my pace is about 7.3 min km but can't maintain it over 5k and finishes at 8.2 min km, I suppose that's natural and not bad, glad the knees better.. Im very good with massage, my wife says I have healing hands! lol😁

  • Thanks davelinks. Yes, the knee is better just in time for the 5k. Yay!

  • The happy smile was the first thing I noticed, not the colour of your face! Well done you, and well done knee.

  • Aww thanks! I'm really happy to be back on form for my 5k.

  • Be careful, you're going to split your face if you grin any wider! Lovely smile, well done on that pace xx

  • Thanks Curly! It was a good run.

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