Couch to 5K

Week one, Run one

I signed up to the couch to 5km 3 weeks ago but only managed to do my first run yesterday. I went to the gym as the weather wasn't great. I couldn't get the app to work in the gym and the podcasts weren't on my phone for some reason. So I guessed what I was suppose to do, so I walked for 5 minutes at 5.5 to warm up then ran for 90 seconds @ 7.5, walked for 60 seconds @ 5.5 for 20 minutes. I found it ok but I do realise my running pace is very slow. I also did some weight work and cycled for 5 minutes then back on the treadmill and did a hill workout for ten minutes.

My ankles are sore today and very tight, I also still have a sore foot from when I did a 100Km challenge back in May. Any advice on how to help loosen my muscles in my ankles and feet?

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Well done for getting started!

I'm just about to do W3R2 this morning. From what I can remember week 1 is a brisk warm up walk for 5 minutes and then run for 1 minute, walk for 2 minutes (repeat for a total of 20 minutes) and then another brisk cool down walk. I've never done it on a treadmill though so I don't know what speeds you should set it that, just whatever you can keep going at.

Don't worry about pace yet. There are snails that lap me when I'm out running around the lake in our town park. Also don't worry about a bit of rain (unless it's torrential of course.). I quite like a bit of light rain as I get hot really quickly so it's kind of nice!!

I have some foot and ankle exercises that I downloaded from the web and seem to helping my feet so I'll find the link for you if you like?


Oh just looked on the app and its 90 seconds walking, not 2 minutes.


Thank you AliPru for the info, it would be much appreciated if you could give me the link for the excercises.


I posted the link above :). Make sure you stretch your calf muscles well too as that will help.


Well done you. I wouldn't try to do too much too soon. I found my ankles/knees/hips ached quite a bit at first and like you I am slow, but who cares? I still don't think I run, I 'plog' (jog+plod!) but it's better than sitting on the couch and I'm now on Wk 8! Repeat weeks if you need to and go at the pace you are comfortable with - go as slow as you like. Sometimes I've been slower than a brisk walk (I know this because my dog only does a steady trot!). Keep at it - it gets better!


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