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Yes I did it! Week 5 run 3

After the first five-minutes which I found the hardest I felt like I was on a roll. I kept up a steady and fairly slow pace. In the end I ran about 22 minutes. Thank you for all your help and encouragement

Feeling chuffed.

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Well done! It's a real milestone achieving this run. Lots more running now but you will be amazed at what you can achieve! 😃

Well done! This is encouraging to read, I'll be doing this tomorrow after doing the 8 minute runs last night, it seems like a crazy jump!! Can't stop thinking about it! You must be so happy to have achieved this xx

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simonwilliamstutorGraduate in reply to EmmaH1982

Congratulations! I'll be doing W5R3 tomorrow too!

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Let me know how you get on

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You'll be great. Waiting for your triumphant post :)

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Well done. Great running.

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Congratulations!!!! I knew you'd succeed. When I saw the title of the message I hoped you were the one who wrote it as I knew you said it would be your turn soon. It feels fantastic doesn't it? Well done!!!

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Certainly does. Thank you for your post. It really made a difference.

Awesome - by week 5 it's amazing what Laura can get us to do! I did W6 R1 this morning, and having been chuffed with my first ever 20 min went off a bit too fast for my first 5 min run, which made the rest a bit harder than it should've been - so well done on W5, don't get tempted to speed up for W6 and it'll be fine.

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Well done! :)

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Great stuff. Laura bringing the good cheer to all triers.

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Well done, once you can do that, I'm finding the rest rolls on nicely

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Well done, it seems completely impossible at the time doesn't it?! But we all seem to manage it :) This programme rocks :) :)

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Sure does

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