Great Run Local?

I've heard people speak about parkrun quite a lot (although I am definitely not yet ready to run 5k!) but have only found out about Great Run Local today - and there's one near me. I'm tempted to go along after a few more weeks of C25K, because they have a 2k course which is quite appealing. Has anyone tried them? Is it just like parkrun but with a shorter course option (and on a Sunday!)?

Thanks! x

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  • Hi yes, Ive done 3 now .

    Ours is not popular as the parkrun and there are a lot less runners at the one I have been to, but maybe it is not publicised as much.

    The 2k at ours is very popular , lots of families do it . I would say yes definitely go for it and then you can always try the 5k at a later stage if you want to :-) xxx

  • Thanks - the results for my local one showed about 60 runners doing the 2k, enough that I won't feel like an idiot running alone but not so many that it's overwhelming! Might give it a try in a few weeks ๐Ÿ˜Š x

  • Go for it as already said take the 2K route and see how it goes.... just wish there was one near me....

  • Sounds like a great option - go for it - you know you want to.....

  • I'm certainly very tempted!

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