A training run success

It turned out to be a training run today, but given how I felt yesterday it was quite a good result. I went out into the park and practiced W6R3 around the Parkrun 5K course. Didn't make the end of the C25K session but did complete the 5K course, albeit as a power walk ... even so there would still have been about 20 people behind me in last week's local Parkrun! I then went on to a core workout with my personal trainer. If this sounds very drastic to you, you'd be right, but I know the way I am and I had to do something drastic to try to get back on track. Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement, I'm putting myself back to W6R1 and setting my target as completing W6R3 by the end of next week. I'm happy that if you guys keep egging me on that I'll manage that. WOW!! So much more positive than yesterday, I'm glad to say.


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11 Replies

  • Brilliant run and power walk David. Power walking is terrific for building stamina!

    So glad you are back on it, good luck this week you WILL do it 😃

  • Well done David - you can do it!! It took me about 15 weeks to complete C25K in the end. Partly from a spell on the IC and partly because I needed extra recovery days between the later runs, but I got there in the end and so will you :)

  • Thank you - got totally psychologically stuck - I had decided that I definitely couldn't do ANY of it any more. That's why I just had to be hard on myself today to try to jolt myself out of an extremely negative mindset. I think it has worked but to be more certain I'm putting myself back a couple of steps to repeat W6R1 & R2. Repeating doesn't upset me, so that's OK. What I'm hoping is that one day I'll perhaps even start to enjoy running ............

  • Good plan.

  • Well done. Training runs are fine - they're all helping us progress towards the final goal. :)

  • Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better today and more positive. Well done for forcing yourself out... Sounds like a very productive session to me 👍

  • Go David.. well done.. and maybe stop trying to enjoy running and let it happen when it happens? :)

  • Thank you Oldfloss but it's pretty rare for me to do physical things I don't enjoy! I ENJOY going to the gym, I enjoy even rowing on a rowing machine and seeing how my 2000m split times are improving. I even enjoy doing ab crunches! Today in that park felt like a school punishment run from many many years ago .... not good. I'll finish the C25K now simply because I started it and keep my fingers crossed about enjoying running. Without everyone here, including you, I'd have given up again this week - THANK YOU for not letting me do that.

  • I was never aware you were off trrack - you're doing fine. Don't be so tough on yourself.

  • Afraid so, having a bad time! I've put myself back to W6R1, don't mind that too much as repeats are OK for me. A much bigger worry is that I have stopped enjoying it: won't stop me getting to the end of the programme eventually, but makes me ask myself questions .....

  • Well, we are here to help you over the bumps in the road.

    I can honestly say that I don't often use the word enjoyment about my running, even 3 years after completing C25K, though admittedly I don't hate it as much and do have a feeling of achievement afterwards.

    As for starting over, well, I regularly lose my running Mojo. I have just gotten back to it again after Christmas and have been put off track again by the dreaded lurgy.

    My Parkrun Mojo has long gone (not to self - google for phone app to track down mojos) - I haven't been to Parkrun since August and there was me with only 14 runs short of my 100. I am volunteering there tomorrow and feel very weird about doing that (even though I have my volunteering T-Shirt).

    Oops, too much about me - anyhow, I think you are doing well, just don't push too hard.

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