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On the C25K Again

Started again as its been over a year from completing last time and been rather busy.

But weight gain and here we go again now on wk 2 awaiting run 3 as rest day today but also doing strength and flex on rest days as suggested by Laura that this can be done on rest days .

Started getting pins and needles in feet but from reading on here seems my laces might be too tight lol xx

Oh well onward we go , keep on running

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Well done for starting again. I did the same as you - completed it last year then stuff got in the way and I didn't keep it up. Working my way through the programme again now. so - good luck! let's both try to keep up the running after finishing c25k again this time.!


If loosening your laces doesn't help the pins and needles, you might need to be careful with your back. I started getting numb toes, and it turns out that was due to a herniated disc. It starts to look like there might be (careful) rehab you can do to reverse minor damage, but if you let things go too far, you can lose quite a bit of quality of life. What I'm saying is don't just hope that the pins and needles just go away. If they do go away, good; but if they stay, treat them as potentially serious.

Well done with getting back with the programme, and I hope your problem really just is the overtight laces.


Thanks, definitely the laces !! oops run again today and no problem xx


Excellent news, then! Enjoy your run, and your return to the joys of running.


Well done on coming back to the program. Good luck with the laces! Hopefully that will cure your pins and needles.


Go for it. They say that it takes 12 weeks to create a habit, so stick with it and try to make it part of your life that you can't do without. Posting on here regularly will mean we will keep you up to the mark and give you an appropriately booted nudge to your posterior, should you consider slacking.


Yes thanks all it was the laces too tight, been out today and no problem at all. &yr old son come out with me today after work and rode his bike round along side me xx

Seemed to finish a lot quicker today , took normal route but finished at a completely different part of route ( used same route from the start) took us still 30 mins but quite a bit was walking at the end to get back home as finished routine.

Week 2 all 3 runs completed YAhhhh xxxx

Maybe going slow but enjoying it xxx


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