Observe rest day or go again?!

Both my boyfriend and I are doing the plan - I'm on week 2 and he's repeating wk1. We went out for our runs last night and all was well, and we are both raring to go again and would love to go out again tonight. Should we go while motivation is high - or should we really be observing the rest days, even though we are only at the very beginning of our c25k journey and not running for a prelonged period?

I have a feeling he answer is going to be stick to the rest day but would like to know what people think. Eeeek does this mean I am addicted already?!!


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16 Replies

  • Have the rest days or it could lead to injuries.

    If you want to exercise go out for a brisk walk instead or to the gym but no running :(

  • My advice is to stick with the tried and tested programme as much as you are able..which means you must take rest days im afraid..you dont want to burn yourself out!

  • I would advise to take the rest days to avoid injuries. It would be worse if you got an injury and had to wait even longer to get out running!

  • Thank you all - I knew that would be the answer deep down!The last thing I want is an injury when i'm just starting out (or at all really!!). Roll on tomorrow then!!! :)

  • As above lol ... ignore the rest days at your peril!!


  • Difficult, isn't it, when your endorphins are running wild and making you feel good and you just want to jump up and do it all again?

  • Totally!! I got up this morning and was thinking "oooh I would love to go out again today"...and then my boyfriend text saying the same thing!! I'm surprised in the change in ourselves - whereas I thought we'd be struggling to find the motivation to get out and do this, we are actually struggling to stay in!! Amazing!

  • I think the walk idea is best. Once you have made it to the 30 mins running following the plan your muscles, tendons, knees etc will have all built up a certain degree of strength and it wouldn't be so important, but initially they all need that days recovery.

    As a couple walks are great as you get to chat with no disruptions

  • Thank you all for taking the time to answer......we resisted the urge to go out again...and fortunately I managed to resist the urge to tackle the massive ironing pile too which was the other thing on my agenda!! ;)

  • Hahaha, I never find it too difficult to resist the ironing urge, except it sits there looking at me until I have to give in...but I don't let it win too often!!

  • If you're raring to go there is nothing stopping you doing other exercise. On my rest days I always go for a swim. It gives me a similar high as running but isn't high impact.

  • Yes, there are loads of other non high impact activities you can do. Cycling, walking, stuff in the gym.


  • I have a cross trainer and I'm thinking of using that on rest days - it's low imapct on the joints and has the benefit of working the upper body. thanks for your advice folks! xx

  • well done on your progress :D i'm having to take a longer break as my knees won't stand up to it at the moment. have invested in an exercise bike which i am waiting for to improve my cardio and speed up weight loss so i can reduce the impact on my joints. can't believe how much i want to be running and how gutted i am that it isn't happening for me!! i can believe that you want to be out there every day. i do too!!

    abz xx

  • Thank you, I must admit I have really surprised myself! Your exercise bike sounds great and like a good move, I'm sure that that coupled with your determination will have you reaching your running goals :) Good luck :) xxx

  • i remember this feeling in the begining, itching to get out again but am also an ex nurse and i know about muscle repair, you are really not doing yourslef any favours by going out on rest day, also having just had to take 2 weeks off for an injury, its good to have an alternative up your sleeve cos i was like a caged animal!!got quite depressed not being to run, good uck with the rets of the plan xx

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