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Combining two people's C25K?


Husband used to be a runner but developed a persistent ankle injury. After lots of swimming he would like to start again with C25K. When he starts, I should be in week 9.

I'd like to train with him, but also not lose my own progress. He is likely to run faster than I do from the start. Do you think that in the early weeks I can treat the days when we run together as rest days, essentially alternating his and my training day by day? Then as he progresses and things get tougher, I can solely do our joint training? What do you think?

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I wouldn't. Too risky for injury. What about running every other session with him and extending your graduation? You'd both be doing solo runs but the occasional run together. And if he's faster it'll be good hard work for you. Or go out and run together but on your respective weeks. You can meet up at the end and enjoy the cool down walk together.

I'm with runswithdogs - look for things like sharing the cool down and doing the odd one together. In terms of pace - try to find a middle ground. I'm sure your husband can slow down a little on one run a week with you - but to a pace that still pushes you a little faster!


I am just starting back after a back injury and running at my wife's pace is a great way to make sure I don't overdo it. Normally my natural pace is too fast for her to maintain and running at her natural pace seems awkwardly slow, when I am fully fit, but under the current circumstances it suited us both. We do run together a few times a year but generally agree that we are happier on our own. While being pulled along by a faster runner may be a good way to hit a PB it is not a good idea for regular training. As for running on consecutive days, it is generally recommended to wait until you have been running regularly for at least a year and even then depends on your fitness and age, otherwise the injury risk may increase dramatically.

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Sorry to hear about your back, speedy recovery. RFCx.

I would watch that you don't overtrain as you are more prone to injury if you do. Also I know years ago when me and MrRfc tried to do C25K together we seemed to be a bit competitive, which is something we really are not usually. He ended up running faster than me just because he didn't want to be slower! When we are learning it is so important for us to find our own natural pace. I would let him have a little trial on his own and see how he feels. It is only nine weeks and if you feel like he is losing motivation go out for a little run with him but use one of your run days.

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