Starting again... and I'm excited!

Hello lovely runners :)

So, it feels like a lifetime ago that I was C25k-ing with the rest of you. I started in August and made good progress all the way to W9R1 when I got hip bursitis and had to stop. Weeks and weeks of physio, rest, patience (and impatience!) ensued, and life got in the way. I tried a couple of tentative trots out and am cautiously optimistic that I'm good to go again :)

I'm sorry for abandoning the forum - I found it a wonderful source of support and inspiration and loved reading how others were getting on, but I found I was getting all too tempted to run and suffered set-backs in my recovery. Now I'm in the right place mentally and, I believe, physically - so here I go again!

My initial thoughts were to go right back to the start, as I reckon the early weeks will be a useful warm-up/injury barometer. Last time I tried C25k I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my cardiovascular fitness kept up with the increasing demands, so I have no worries there. My concern is my muscles and joints, so I'll be keeping a closer eye on that side of things this time around. I intend to keep up with the strengthening exercises I've been doing, and improving my flexibility. I'm also considering spreading out the runs slightly more - taking extra rest days if I fancy them. Last attempt I was keen to push on through and progress. This time I want to really enjoy the journey.

It's good to be back :)

So, W1R1 tomorrow - wish me luck!


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21 Replies

  • Good luck for tomorrow! I take at least 2 rest days between runs now as I'm having problems with one of my calf muscles but I'm getting there and really enjoying it too!


  • Thanks! Sounds like a plan :)

  • Good luck! Have fun- I'm excited for you!

  • Thankyou :) I've missed it!

  • welcome back :D good luck with all your runs , a 2 day rest or more if needed sounds a good way to go :D

  • Thankyou Rob :) Look at you lot with your shiny graduate badges! I want one! Hold me back people!

  • you will get yours atmoic :D

  • Good luck :)

  • :) Thankyou. I've ordered in some dry weather...

  • You're back! :D good luck with the crazy running journey, atomic!!

  • Thanks, yes it's great to be back :)

  • Good luck with your run ! I do sympathise as I started in August and got to w9 run 1 and had calf muscle problems. Hope it goes well and hope to see that graduate badge by your name before too long !

  • Oh no! It's very frustrating isn't it? Let's nail it this time round! :) Good luck to you too!

  • Oh no! It's very frustrating isn't it? Let's nail it this time round! :) Good luck to you too!

  • Hey Atomic - so lovely to see you again! Well, we didn't get to graduate together, but I'm still here waiting at the finishing line to wave you through ... it's getting a bit cold here now, so get those running shoes on and I'll have the party poppers waiting!

  • Aah, thankyou :)

    I'll be a while though - I'm taking it very steadily.

    Great to see you still at it :)


  • Good luck :0). Glad to hear you are getting back to it. I have had a break too. Holiday and Christmas planning and now a horrid cold and cough which I hope will be gone very quickly. Look forward to hearing how you get on

  • Thanks, it's good to be back at it. Get well soon and enjoy Christmas :)

  • How frustrating when you were so close. Nice to see you back, good luck with getting going again. Take it gently and keep us posted x

  • Thankyou :)

    Will do - I don't want my leg falling off again!

  • Fab stuff Atomic ! Great to see you back :-)

    Sorry to hear about your injury, sounds painful..

    Well done on climbing back on board. Good Luck, we're all rootin' for ya

    Happy Christmas to you xxx

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