WHOOT-WHOOT! After C25K I said never again! Guess who's training again? :-)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all of the wonderful Graduates here in the Community who recently decided to start the B210K training! Because of you guys, I have strayed to the dark-side and must eat my words! :-) I swore after completing the C25K program, I would never, ever want to repeat it or worse yet, move on to a new goal.

I have been perfectly happy in my little 30 minute running World. :-) Then it started... all of you started posting about the possibility of beginning a new journey after the first of the year...then I started thinking about my upcoming Birthday...the dreaded 50! Yikes! That's worse then the doom I felt with the dreaded 20 minute run! ;-) The list continued on and on. I thought...hmmmm...mention it to Steve, he will convince me I'm crazy for even thinking such a thought. My plan backfired! He wanted to know if he could join in and how soon could we start! :-) :-) :-)

Soooooo...guess what we did Sunday??? ;-) We started our 10K training! :-)

We are also going later today to possibly join a gym. Neither one of us are gym type people, but considering the snow and ice here, it will be cheaper and less painful then broken bones. During our warmup walk Sunday, I thought Steve was getting all romantic with me through the jackets and gloves wanting to hold my hand...then I realized he was trying to hold me up from the huge patch of ice we were on! At that moment i also figured out ice-skating wasn't for me and a gym was in our future. :-)

I can't believe we committed to a training program again, but in a way, I'm looking forward to the structure. Plus, its only 6 weeks instead of 9...should be easy, peasy eh??? :-)

Gayle :-)


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31 Replies

  • You'll rock it! It's exciting to read about everyone's plans and goals for 2013...by the end if the year I bet you will be signed up for a half marathon....you have definitely got the running bug!!!!!

    Keep posting to let us know how you are getting on :)

  • Thank you Ali! :-) Now you rock! Half marathon in your future! :-) I won't say "never" again, I learned my lesson...but a half marathon is very, very unlikely coming from this old lady. ;-)

  • Oh ho! I shall watch with great interest! Very best of luck. Braving a gym - now that is really challenging, as far as I'm concerned!

  • For me too, greenlegs!! I am really dreading the entire "gym" experience other then it is a better alternative then falling on ice. I am so ready for Spring! :-)

  • Wow, get you two! Of course you'll smash it! Have loads of fun and good luck...


  • Thank you and I can already foresee a possible 10K in your future! ;-) Gayle

  • I said the same and it was also everyone on here that influenced me to do it too! Welcome to the club :) let's show 10k who the boss is!

  • Rock it roller!!!! We will show 10K what we're made of!!!! :-) Happy we joined the club, although I may not be as happy about it after tomorrows run. ;-)

  • Yay! This means loads more blogs from you and Steve I hope??? Good luck with it all, you'll do it no problem! :D

  • Thank you! Are you sure you can handle the two of us and our blogging after runs again? Hint...hint....you know, there seems to be some extra room if a certain newbierunner would like to join in on the 10K training... ;-) hint...hint... :-)

  • Gayle it's not letting me respond to your post. Last year I said NEVER too...now look what's happened

  • Welcome to the new 2013 class of B210K Gayle (and Steve)!! :) There are a number of us now and I think more are ready to join real soon. So a new journey and a new experience - treadmill running in the gym!! Hope it goes well. Oh, and never say never for the half marathon.... :D

    Sue x

  • I'm dreading the treadmill Sue! I am an outdoor girl! :-) The visit to the gym was kinda "off putting"...some of the odors in the workout room reminded me of high-school locker rooms. I forgot a gym is where one goes to actually workout! ;-)

  • Honey, maybe we should have discussed this with my thighs before we started!! Apparently, since our first run, they seem to have a dissenting opinion!!! OUCH!!! And the nerve of you, smiling everytime that I ran by?????? HOW????? I was huffing, puffing and on death's very own doorstep!!!!

    And a gym??? A gym???? What are we thinking?? Hey lady, WE ARE OLD!!!! I think I am still suffering from too much of the holiday spirits!!!

    Well, here we go again!!! I am proud of you and will be even more proud by the time that we finish. Oh yeah, would you add more ointment and another ice bag to your shopping list please!! ;-)

    I Love You!!!! :-)

  • I hope the thighs are feeling better tonight because guess who's running tomorrow???? ;-) Bag of ice in the freezer...check! Ointment on the counter...Check! Pain meds in the cabinet...Check! We are set to rock this! :-) I am very, very, very proud of you sweetie! :-)

  • Awesome! Congratulations to both of you on starting a new plan! Fun, isn't it? ;-)

    I'm so chuffed at how many of us C25k graduates are coming together to [virtually] do the Bridge-to-10K as a team! Go us!!

    Can't wait to hear about more of your adventures!

  • Thanks Matt! It really is exciting to see so many of us C25K graduates almost re-motivated to continue on with the journey. I swore after C25K I would be perfectly happy doing a 30 minute run and stopping at that. I'm beginning to think this is an addiction or cult! ;-)

  • Could be!

    Wait until next time around... when we all decide to do half-marathons! ;-D

  • I'm half way thru week 7 and tracking well so I will hopefully join you guys in a few weeks too. I'd love to do a 10k event sometime this year.

  • YIPPPEEE!!! :-) Only a few more weeks to go and you can join us!!! :-)

  • Fantastic, Gayle! You and Steve are amazing - I'm looking forward to all your blogs :)

  • Thank you Annie!!!! Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't a moment of insanity! I honestly can't believe it crossed our mind and stayed there! :-)

  • This is great news and a big inspiration. Good luck guys, I know you can do it! :)


  • Thank you Tricia!!! Wishing you continued running success! :-)

  • Wow excellent, I know you will both be running 10k in no time, well 6 weeks. Not quite as brave as you but have joined a running club which is enough of a challenge for me now. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress :-D

  • Wow Rolphie! Bravery is joining a running club!!! At least in the program, we run by ourselves. I admire anyone that can join a club and run with others! Have fun! :-)

  • Fantastic news for you both, but you're scaring me. I've just started week 8 and am very happy to stay at 30 minutes when I've finished. It sounds as if I won't be able to though. Oh well, thank you, you've given me time to get used to it.

    Go for it - we all know you will eat it, Looking forward to reading your blogs.


  • Be Afraid, very afraid!!! ;-) I remember during the program, being very content if I made it to the 20 minutes. Then on to accomplish the 30 minutes. I believe we start the new goals, once we realize our bodies will not fail us, and that we can succeed. I never dreamed I would be such an active participant on a running site!!! I give you about a month, then you will decide you need to just add a little bit more!! :-)

  • Aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhh...............


  • You're an inspiration! Way to go the two of you.

  • Good for you Gayle, go for it.

    Steve, 50 is not old, you two have already proved that :-)

    I hope the weather improves for you soon so you can run outside. I hate the machines in the gym with a passion. I have used stationary bikes in the past, but rarely, they bore me to death, make sure you have some good music with you.

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