Back on IC :(

So i appear to have started running again to soon!!! 

Last night went for my usual Monday night run and whilst running everything seemed OK did 5.25k in 38 mins, soon after i stopped running my knee was giving me some discomfort. As i type this now I am still having as much discomfort as after the run.

Nothing has changed between week 6 and yesterday apart from the distance running i am now running approx 1.5K  more than week 6.

So my question is apart from running further and about 10 minutes longer (max) nothing has changed, I will be giving the running a miss for the rest of this week at least but could it be anything else apart from over doing it, Any suggestions or ideas?


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8 Replies

  • My "proper" running friend has recommended that if you start getting twinges, the first consideration is your shoes. How long have you had them, are they giving the right support.....could be worth checking?

  • Slowstart thanks I have had them about 8 weeks they have been fine till I started running non stop,I will go somewhere proper and get some proper running shoes me thinks

  • Hmm not sounding good, there can be many reasons for the recurring knee discomfort. 

    Apart from the usual suspects , like shoes and gait analysis , have you done any strengthening exercises ? 

    I am sure there have been quite a few posts about knee problems .

    This is the link to the nhs site - 

    A good starting point, other than these the next step would be a doc reports physio to get to the root problem. Having been out last year with a knee problem I'm understand your frustration etc. 

    Hope you can get it sorted 😊

  • Slow_Rob thanks for the link I will take a look  and search the group

  • Some advice here re running surfaces and stretching: ? Hope you get well soon (I can lend you my i/c if you like ;o)

  • Thanks Pam will take a look at the link and yes so do I hope I get well soon.As for the i/c that includes a bottle of red wine or 2 I hope 😚

  • My i/c is like Jim"ll Fix Its chair (the way we used to think about it, not the way we do now), it has drawers that pop out, filled with wine and crisps 👍

  • Ha,I need one of those chairs !! 

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