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Back on the road.

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Well, I was meant to be doing the Great North Run today. Instead I found myself doing Week 1 Run 1 of Laura's programme all over again. It's exactly six weeks since swine flu put a stop to all my running activities. It's taken me all this time to feel up to donning my running gear again. Can't believe how hard it knocked me and how long it's taken me to recover my energy. Obviously I'm not quite as young as I pretend! Anyway, the sun shone today and I thought the time had come and I'm so glad I did. Running I've missed you! I didn't really struggle. In fact, because I still had 2K to go on my circular route I started run 2 and did half of that as well. But obviously I have lost a lot of fitness so I must be sensible. My game plan is to do Laura's programme in 3 weeks rather than nine. So that means my next run is week 2 run 1 . Has anyone else experience of restarting running after an enforced break? Advice welcome.

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So glad to hear you feeling better TT It must have been doubly hard when you were meant to be doing GNR so well done you for getting out there. Just take it easy I guess you just have to follow your plan but if it takes you bit longer than 3 weeks so be it . Us turtles / tortoises might not be as fast as some of the younger ones but we get there in the end Slow and steady and do what Laura tells you - you know it makes sense . Great that you are back

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Oh hello TuTu .... that flu really hammered you didn't it? Disappointing i do understand, but there will be another GNR next year and you'll be in it, taking part. I have no advise for you at all, sorry, just wanted to say i'm delighted you're well enough to be laced up into your running shoes and rebuilding all the hard won fitness you had Pre-Poorliness.

All the very best to you :-)

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Ah TT - how great that you are back out there! Flu of any sort can really take it out of you and swine flu is the worst. Just take it gently and I'm sure you will soon build your fitness.

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I hope you deferred your place to next year, and I'm glad your finally back on the running horse and getting over swine flu. Good luck getting back to fitness, I guess it won't be easy but you've done it once, I'm sure you can do it again, we have faith! x

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I had a 2 week layoff with a headcold - and found it very hard to get back to things afterwards. So I also "restarted" by doing a 1/1 run/walk for 30 mins on the first day ( well actually it was on the second day - the first day was the day that I discovered that I had "lost it all" ) , then 2/1 on the next day, 4/1,8/1 and finally non-stop 5K. This restart took me 2 weeks - but I think I am back to normal now. :)

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Well done for getting back to it. Remember flu takes a lot out of you (more than you think) so take it gently !

Glad to hear you're feeling better :) I can't offer advice, but good to see you back and running :)

I'm very new to running so no advice from me. However I wanted to say good luck and don't be disheartened. Your body has been through so much so take things very slowly and listen to it carefully. Hoping you will be racing fit again soon :-D

Hiya TT great to see you back and what a positive step to go out on GNR day. Rather than letting it get you down, you owned the day. I like the idea of your plan to get back into it. Take each run one day at a time and your body will let you know if it's right, your a runner and know how it should feel.

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Great to hear you are on the mend and out running again :)

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So glad you're back out there and feeling better and positive. You'll be in the GNR next year, I'm sure. My only advice would be not to be too definite about it but to listen to your body - after all, you've been quite poorly and it may take a while to recover your running fitness fully. But I'm so pleased you're back and happy to be running again :)

Proper flu, or Swine Flu is a nasty thing to get. Our son had it in the week running-up to his 11+. It was properly diagnosed by a friend who just happens to be a consultant in communicable diseases.

I'm so pleased that you are back with us, and yes, I had an enforced break caused by verrucas!! They themselves didn't completely stop me, but the change in my gait played havoc with my already dodgy knees, and that did.

Getting back into running I found was easy and frustrating in different ways: easy because I still had a level of fitness that stood-up to the break; and frustrating because I made myself take it s-l-o-w-l-y so as not to annoy my knees. It didn't take the full time of the prog, but I still gave myself a good month to sort myself out, and I'm pleased I did.

Good luck with your recovery, and the best news is that you missed having to run when it was soooo hot!

As you have now had swine flu, do we call you Miss Piggy?

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No advise for you, but I'm really pleased you are well enough to come back out to play! I'm sure you'll manage GNT next year :o)

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Thank you all my supportive friends, and apologies for not replying sooner. It really was a boost to know so many people cared about my predicament. My energy levels are still low , so even getting online has been beyond me some days but hopefully it will get better with all the supplements, smoothies and manuka honey I am getting down me! I My first week back following the revised Couch to K plan is over and I did Week 3 Run 1 yesterday, I left two days between each run instead of one though to give me more time to recover. However, after listening to all our advice and my body I don't think I will continue at this rate. Maybe I will try Run 1 Week 4 next time but I think discretion dictates that I then complete all the rest of the runs in Laura's programme . I can't believe it is only two months since I ran 10K in 76 minutes. My current time per K is around 9.5 minutes. Fortunately my sons are very supportive of my return to action and have given me two new running vests and always give me kudos on Strava (unlike certain other people who blame all my recent illness on my obsession 'See? I told you all that running was bad for you' ;-( )

Good luck to all my fellow runners in your own tribulations. Nobody promised us an easy ride when we started this. But the struggle is worth it!

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