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New socks!!!

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I bought some new running socks the other day and W3R2 will be their first outing... I'm hoping they will help the little sore on my heel heal up properly! The socks are moremile New York ones off eBay if anyone is interested.

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If the socks don't work re the sore, try Compeed. It's brilliant

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I love running socks, feels like foot luxury and makes going out for a run more appealing. I have 4 pairs in my collection but sure I will be adding more very soon! Julie 😀

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simonwilliamstutorGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Very impressed with them on the first run. Very comfortable and didn't notice the sore at all. I think my feet were the only parts of me that were warm when I got home!

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I was looking at these on amazon, but put off by the sixing of 2-5 and 5.5 - 8. I am a 5/5.5, so chances are one is too tight and the other one too big :-(

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simonwilliamstutorGraduate in reply to dagshar

I'm a size 9 and the 8.5 - 10.5 sized pairs that I bought are quite snug so you're probably better off with the 5.5 - 8 size.

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I put a smear of Vaseline if I get a blister on my heel (or anywhere else for that matter) It's cheap but does the job

Running socks are a must-buy really. You have to take care of your feet. I have some Lidl ones and they are my out and out favourite, followed by some more expensive ones (Marathon socks) from SportsDirect. They were £9.99 but my husband bought me those as a gift but they are sleek, fine knit and dead comfy. Their cheaper ones are a bit too thick but ok for trail running in winter.

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simonwilliamstutorGraduate in reply to misswobble

Might have a look for some more socks in Lidl tomorrow then...

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I never used to bother with " running socks " as such , just used my pug socks , but then I got some from Lidl. What a difference !

Cant be without 'em now, I find normal socks just don't offer that extra " oomph " that running socks do :-) xxx

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I always wear running socks, never had blisters, they also prevent the toe box in the shoe from big toe nail damage

I used to use normal socks. And on a long walk once I got blisters.

Ever since then, I only use running socks for running and gym. No problems whatsoever.

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I use some old trainer liners which worked for me. Then got some cheap SD running socks and they are OK too. Finally got some compression socks that work (good to fly in too). The latter are very comfortable but I don't think they make me run any better, but then I've never had blisters etc. The black nail I got was from kicking a tree root and nearly planting my face in the rear of the runner in front. I don't think socks would have helped.

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These are they!

Mine are the white ones with red stripey bits but they have all colours. They are really good for the money

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