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Massively Overdue Update (MOU)

Evenin' all. :-)

Well, I thought it high time I got around to posting an update about what I've been upto lately with my running and how it's all been going generally. I've been back posting for a bit but as yet haven't got around to posting an update - until now!

Loads of new faces here and I look forward to getting to know those with whom I'm not yet acquainted, plus catching up with everyone I do know. But first a reintroduction is necessary, I feel, for those who don't know me. I started C25K back in April last year, 2014. Having no real running experience whatsoever, I decided to give it a go. What little fitness I had was rapidly declining and my weight was increasing slowly. I knew I had to do something, but what? What indeed. I know not how but I stumbled across the C25K program and decided to give it a go, joining up here shortly after.

What followed has been a life changing revelation and something I really didn't expect: I love running! Of course, it wasn't easy at all and hard going in places, but I stuck with the program and graduated last June. Lots of races followed: 10Ks and two half marathons and things were going rather well. Until a couple of Unexpected Medical Occurrences: (UMO; love a good abbreviation and acronym, me!) a random anaphylactic (another, at that!) episode which is still as yet a mystery as to what the cause was, and anaemia, which likewise, is also a mystery as to the cause, although research I've done has shown that anaemia is common in runners.

Anyway, being finally diagnosed with anaemia was a relief as my sudden decline in performance, lethargy and the struggle with my beloved early mornings was finally explained. The diagnosis was in June and I've been on iron tablets since. Managed to struggle through the Mersey Tunnel 10K and also the Leeds and Hull 10Ks, during which I met up with fellow member here, Tomas, which was a delight and a great experience.

Since then, I've been working on upping my distance, as I have a marathon next month: the Yorkshire Marathon. My training was going okay until the anaemia and then it just became too difficult to do any serious training with. Against many odds and to my surprise, with great determination I've managed to get myself up and out there again and have put some serious training in. On Saturday I did my longest run yet, which was a 21.03 miler, and which was thoroughly enjoyable, if a bit of a tough old run. I've been working hard on distance, and also speed as well, and I've had a flurry of PBs in these last couple of weeks, to my delight, and surprise.

This coming Sunday I'm doing the Belfast Half marathon and am massively excited about it; it should be a great race, plus the break in Belfast will be cool too. It's been a long while since I've posted a race/run report, but I'll see to that with a race report after the race. Then, the weekend after that it will be my final Marathon Training Run (MTR) before tapering starts. Less than a month now until the marathon; I've no idea where the time goes! I've not exactly had the best training build-up to the race, but I have to work with what I've got and will make the best of it.

It all sounds a hell of a lot, all this training, marathons and so on and if you're new to the program, you may think that all this kinda stuff is beyond you. Let me assure you that it certainly is not. I could hardly run for those initial 60 seconds of W1R1 only 18 months ago, and now look. All it takes is some determination and belief that you can do this (and you can!) and the program will do the rest; trust it, as it really, really does work. I owe a lot to C25K, and the good folk of this forum. Whether your goal is to get fit, get/stay active, run a marathon or just meet great new people, you're in the right place as C25k and running, is all that and more.

So, there have been a few setbacks and issues, but all in all things are looking up again and I'll finally get back to keeping you updated with regular run and race reports. Ideally I should have been here a couple of weeks ago to tell you all about the man on the roof of a pub early one Saturday morning, as I was midway through a 20 miler. He was drunk, clutching a bottle of vodka and lobbing abuse at the very disgruntled police below. Oh, and he was wearing only a pair of black underpants. The thing us runners see early in the morning, eh?!

Happy running to you all; good to be back and getting caught up with everyone again. :-)

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Great post and inspirational for us newbies.

Jules xx


Lovely to see you back again Miles! By 'eck, you've had a time of it with the UMOs haven't you but great to see they haven't got the better of you and you've found your way back. Best of luck with Belfast and the other races coming up - look...


Great to have you back, Chap. You have been much missed, and your exploits are, as ever, inspirational.


Ha ha! You do get em don't you! It's all part of life's rich tapestry.

You're running up a storm! I hope all goes well with the HM in Belfast. You've put the training in so go off and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Will it be on telly?


I've heard about you! You're famous round these parts. It was you who discovered that in actual fact one's "Evil Hill" is really just an "Inclinous Friend", so this is like meeting a great scientist (perhaps from the heroic age of science,...

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Great to hear from you again MY and sorry to hear that you have been struggling against anaemia. Funnily enough, it's one of the things that RFC, wise old bird that she is, often advises to get checked out when somebody suffers a loss of form....


Lovely to see you back on here again, Sweetie. You've had a hell of a time of it this year but you've powered on through the difficult times and, to quote the song, "Baby, look at you now!"

Very very best of luck with the Belfast HM - with the...


Yay ! Good to see you back on here Miles , you are truly a legend on this forum xxxx

Keep on running ,Baby and all the very best for your HM :-) xxxx


Great to see you back, and thanks for the update! I'm not aspiring to do any HMs or Marathons just yet... but I'm well impressed by the progress that you and others have made since setting out on that first 60 second run.

Now I'm off to imagine...


Great to hear from you again Miles and we look forward to one of your epic, blow by blow race reports in the near future.


Chocolate cake, you need chocolate cake post run for aneamia. Hehe, just joking, I suffered with aneamia at the start of my running it flaws you, well done for getting through it and back to your distances. It is so great to catch up with all...


Welcome back, MY!

Sorry about all the frustrating health issues, but great to hear you are not letting it hold you back. A full marathon in the offing - that's impressive! I'll be doing my fourth half end of the month - but a full marathon is...


Well i for one am VERY pleased to have you back to the fold, so to speak! Now don't you go leaving us again! :X all this talk of marathons is getting me inspired, a RLR (really long run, but only a half maybe) may be on the cards for me before...


Nice to meet you Miles. Good luck in Belfast. I did the Laganside 10k recently and it was brilliant - your run starts and finishes in the same place mine did although mine was obviously slightly shorter. I hope the weather is kind although it...


Great to hear from you Miles and glad all is well - did you ever find out what caused the anaemia or was it just one of those things? Great that you are back on form, smashing PBs, and keeping up the marathon training - exciting times!


Hiya! How lovely to see you posting again! Enjoy Belfast, have a blast. I shall look forward to hearing all about it. I'm pleased things are looking up again- take it easy though MY and don't go overdoing things x :-)


Yay, hey there Miles! Good to see you. Me too a bit hit and miss here due to desperate lack of time. And a few probs with GC too - now sorted.

Good luck with the Belfast HM - hope your health problems don't stand in the way of you having a fab time.

I'm considering the Mersey Tunnel 10k next year, being a scouser at heart.

Take care, good to see you, good luck an all that !! :) xx


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