1st Running Anniversary....on 8th September!

On Thursday 8th September 2011 I began my running career. I cannot believe that it has already been nearly a whole year. In that time I've run over 500 miles, completed 120+ running workouts and run for nearly 100 hours!!

I've not counted up the calories but if you say 100 cals per mile then you can do the maths! I'm on my second pair of proper running trainers and have worn out several pairs of socks!

After becoming a C25K graduate, I completed the B210K and the Bupa ten mile training programme. I have entered and finished a 5k, a 5 miler, a 10K and a Half Marathon. With running I have raised over £200 between my favourite chicken charity, Fresh Start for Hens, and a Romanian children's charity in Scotland.

Before I started running at age 51, I would huff and puff while walking up hills, now at age 52 I run up them (ok, I'm still puffing a bit, but I RUN up them)! And I don't stop when I get to the top to recover!

Best of all, having reached my target weight just before I started the running programme, I have not put anything back on!!

If you are every wondering whether taking up running is a good idea; stop standing there just wondering...get your old shorts, tshirt and trainers on, strap on the podcasts and get your rear out there!!



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21 Replies

  • Ace!! Gives my motivation to continue now I've graduated! Well done!!

  • Now, that's what I call a blog! Brilliant!

  • Brilliant, well done, really hope i'm still running a year from now! Which B210K programme did you use?

  • Hi Ellerunner,

    I used the B210K that used to be available on FB but if you look on Andystev's page, he had it there on Dropbox? Msg him if you want a copy of it all. It is five weeks of runs with four weeks being 3 times the same run (just like C25K), then week five has three different runs to help you get to 2 x 30mins with a minute walking break and from then you just join it all up! I still use mine occasionally just for a change of music.


  • Brilliant thanks, I have found that on Andystev's page. Will save it for when I get fed up of the speed and stamina podcasts :)

  • Well done, you have achieved so much in a year. I envy you the weight loss. Running makes me hungry and I'm still not making the right choices.

    I wonder what your next year will bring, a triathlon?

  • mrslazy, don't think about what you can't eat, just think about what you CAN! What worked for me was to give up processed sugar in all its forms. Think about hidden sugars, even in low fat yogurts and baked beans! Read labels.

    I gave myself permission to eat plenty of natural sugars such as in fruit (within reason!) and the odd glass of wine/cider, but if you can bin the cakes, sweets, biscuits and ANYTHING else that has processed sugar in it, and as long as you don't substitute the sugar with crisps and other very fatty snacks, you will lose weight. I promise. I lost two and a half stone in seven months.


  • Wow - you have inspired me thanks!

  • Wonderful! Such fantastic achievements in a year! I've just registered for the Manchester 10k next year and you've been such an inspiration to me :)

  • WOW!!! How absolutely brilliant CaroleC.

    Very inspiring.

  • Carole thats fab - from reading some of your posts as I was going through C25K I thought you had been running for so much longer. Now I am like 'WOW' all that in a year!!

    Thats given me a bit to think about! :)

  • You can do it doggymum, just a matter of bloody minded bull headed determinism! I think I can, I KNOW I can!


  • And on the back of that I've just booked my 1st 5k fun run!

    Because I CAN! :)

    Thank you!

  • Well done CarolC, wonderful achievements all round. Your blog is very inspiring and motivating keep up the good work :)

  • thanks for the inspiring post!

  • You are wonderful Carole and such an inspiration. I'm so fired up and can't wait to get out for a run tonight. Also I am thinking of doing the B210k when I finish the C25k. And what fantastic charities you've chosen! I wholeheartedly approve! XX

  • Wow - how impressive are you and what an inspiration. I have just graduated C25K and am wondering how I will keep it up over the winter now that I have achieved my first objective but you started at this time of year so obviously have the formula. What a record of achievement. I will endeavour to continue in the same vein and so will now make a date for 01 Sep 13 - first anniversary blog and hopefully my times will have improved by then.

    How did you cope when it was icy, snowy and the like? I am not a "gym" fan as I get very bored on treadmills after a week or so, but just love the cool (or cold) air in my face and any tips you can share re. continuing will be gratefully received.

    Well done Carole, well done indeedy.

  • Hi Jean-Jeannie,

    I too was a bit worried about coping with snow/ice etc when I started last September. Usually here in Cornwall we have quite mild winters, but the previous two winters in 2009 and 2010 had been horrible, with snow and ice that just didn't thaw or go away for several weeks in a row. It was treacherous around here for a long, long time.

    Anyway, luckily for me, that never happened last winter. I think we had a slight frost once or twice but this was before I was working full time and I managed to run later in the mornings when the frost was gone. I contented myself with raiding Lidls when they had an excellent offer on winter weight running gear - leggings, jacket, hat and gloves!

    I was fully expecting to have to get on the treadmill in the gym at some point last year and pay lots of money - also uckily for me this year - the school I work in has installed a new fitness suite which, at the moment, is free for staff to use and it has treadmills and all the usual cardio machines so that could come in very handy if ice/snow is a problem this winter.

    If you really want to keep getting out there, I think "trail" shoes are supposed to be better for grip, or you can buy gadgets that fit over your running shoes that are supposed to have good grip on ice. You could enquire at Blacks, Millets, Trespass (all outdoors stores) or a good running shop might have some. (Or online of course!)

    Good luck with your continued running - it's much better off the sofa!


  • Hi Carole - thanks for your reply and tips. We live in North Yorkshire so expect inclement weather over winter and we had it pretty bad the year before last. The snow just lasted for ever (or so it seemed). Still with the weather as it is at the moment - you never know - we might just have a heatwave come November. I will look out for your blogs to see what you have in store this coming year. J-J

  • Fab blog Carole! What a difference a year makes and I am hoping I will be writing my 1 year blog in January. still can't believe how far I have come and how far I have to go!!! It's a long fab and tough journey we are all on. At the mo I am waiting for the fab runs to outweigh the tough ones (hoping its just a phase I am going through).

    Well done you, keep up the good work!!!!!

  • You have been such an inspiration to me in your blogs! I am amazed that someone could achieve so much in just a year! I had assumed that you had been running for years and years. Thank you, thank you and do keep up the running and the blogging. :-)

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