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Sub 30 min 5k training, run 12!

Hi everyone! I started C25K back in August 2012 and sort of completed the program, managing to run 5k twice. Unfortunately I spent literally all of last year plagued with what I believe were severe shin splints. I had 8 weeks off over the Christmas period and then slowly got back into running. But the major turning point only happened recently, when I started doing proper calf stretches before and after running, using a foam roller too to avoid 'knots' in my muscles.

I've signed up to do a 5k Race For Life in Reading in July, and am determined to break the 30-min barrier. So I've downloaded a training plan on Runkeeper which is based around interval training, with a weekly long run. Tonight I completed run 12 and ran 2.91 miles in 29mins 29secs, which I am super proud of! So am hoping I'll be on track to reach my target after 7 weeks :)

Next run is 4 miles which will be the furthest I've ever run ...wish me luck!

Happy running :)

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My daughter is a dancer and tells me off if I don't stretch gently both before and after a run. It works very well for me.


Thanks KittyKat ! Yes I do think stretching before a run helps, because my calf muscles are noticeably looser once I've done them. One of my fave stretches is to stand with my back against a wall with my feet out about a foot in front of me, then try to curl my toes back towards my body. I saw it in Runners World in a shin splints article and I think it's really helped! Good luck with your running :)


Good luck. Set your mind and know you will achieve it xxx


Thanks kickibro! Xxx


Good luck! That sounds like an interesting training plan on runkeeper. I'm sure with that you'll blast it!


Thank you! I'm certainly going to give it my best shot :)


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