Curious if any C25K graduates have successfully completed a 10k?

Hey all! So I'm on week 6 of the program and feeling pretty amazing and proud of my progress! I initially started this program because there's a 5k race in July I want to run, and even bigger than that, there's a 10k race in Disney in January that my partner and I would like to participate in.. I'm curious for any of those C25k graduates (for those whom running was completely new!) if you eventually moved up to run a 10k, how long it took, what training schedule you used, etc. Just curious to hear about experiences and to know whether I'm reaching a little too high for a beginner!


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  • You should check out ju-ju- 's Bridge to 10k videos and also the Graduate's Marathon sister forum to this one. A fair number of graduates have gone on to do 10k, half and full marathons and longer distances.

    I started C25k as an absolute beginner, having never run a mile in my life, aged 46 and very out of shape on April 1st 3 year ago and ran my first half marathon in October that year (although we dont advise that).

    10k by January next year is eminently doable and a very realistic sensible target (all that winter training in the dark with the wind and sleet! It's such excitig fun! you'll love it!)

  • Thanks so much for the resources, I will definitely check them out!

    Glad to hear it's doable and not too big of a goal :) (Luckily it doesn't get TOO cold here so no sleet, but lots of wind and rain so it'll still be awesome!)

  • Sounds lije a great plan to me. I returned to running at 50 after many last year's of laziness! I graduated in the October and did my first 10k about three months later. Forward another 9 mths and I ran a 10 mile race (last October) and did my first HM in March this year.☺So no, you are not reaching too high - the journey is just beginning! Good luck with your goal!☺

  • Thanks so much!! Glad to hear other people had success on this journey :)

  • I started the programme in terrible shape June 1st, graduated in October or November, ran a 10K a few weeks ago.

    Trick for me after consolidating the 5k was three days a week consistently building up stamina incrementally by doing a "fast"5k one day, then next run day steep hills for 35 to 45 minutes, and at the weekend a long slow "fun"run for anything up to an hour.

    Hope this helps :)

  • I like this idea!! Sounds like a nice way to keep things challenging too, thanks for the tip! :)

  • Loads of the graduates do the 10K...( me included) they do half marathons, marathons and beyond!

    Just get to graduation and the road will open up before you :)

  • Awesome to hear, thank you! :)

  • I started c25k in july 2016. Aged 59 yrs very overweight. Graduated Sept 2016, never been a runner before. Slow and steady to a 5k regularly, always running 3 x week. Did my first 10k feb 2017 and my first 10k race in March 2017 for a 60th birthday treat. Planning my first 10 mile early next year.

    Its definitely do-able providing you run regularly and put the training in.

  • That's awesome! Congrats on those achievements! Hearing things like this is super motivating

  • Starting C25k aged 57 in June 2013, I ran my first 10k in October of that year. In the following May I entered my first organised 10k race, only to confirm that I prefer to run on my own.

    C25K graduates have gone on to run marathons within a year of starting to run, so your 10k target is easily and safely attainable. The world is your running track.

  • Thanks so much, that's great to hear! :)

  • Yes, me. I've done quite a few 10ks now. I just increased one of my 3 runs per week by 0.5k until I got to 10K. It's perfectly do able.

  • Sounds like a good plan!! I may have to try that once I finish my 5k to slowly build up to that 10. And I joined the Bridge to 10k group as well which will be super helpful!! Thanks :)

  • Oh and join the Bridge to 10K group on here and:or the Beyond C25k group on FB for more encouragement and advice

  • Started running in June last year aged 56. 1st 10k in December. Have now done 4 this year. Take it steady and build up to it. My first 10 k training run came after I got to 5k and just kept going as I felt good.

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