I guess I have to consider a wig and tash now

I guess I have to consider a wig and tash now

I received my race number and timing chip for my first 'official' race (exciting eh?) this morning and look at the number they gave me. With those three digits, I guess it will look odd if I don't pitch up with sporting long hair and a handle-bar tash.

The race is just 9 days away now and although I really only entered to get some race-day experience ahead of my Half Marathon, I am really looking forward to it.

Generally speaking my running and HM training is going well with MyAsics uprating my projected finishing time to 2:08:15 which would have been beyond my stretchiest of stretch targets when I graduated three months ago. I had a really good hilly 8k run this morning but am due to face my nemesis intervals on Sunday ahead on my second ten-miler.

Keep on running, 118!


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32 Replies

  • Well done and good luck - at least the tash and long hair will redirect your sweat!

  • Ha ha ha ! Oh that's funny Mr D ! :-)

    Hey, nowt wrong with an handle bar tash, Ive had mine for years , in fact I am twiddling the ends now in between writing this post :-)

    Have you got a twin brother you can run with ? If not, we will have to find you one . Oh I can imagine you are going to get loads of wise cracks along the way , Fab !

    Good to see and hear the training is going well , you are going to nail this HM :-) xxx

  • No twin brother, I am afraid.

    Unlike the ads, there will only be one 118 in this race.

  • Golly gosh, how exciting (says Mfam with a spiffing dash of colonial what-not). I vote for the tash and the long hair. Most definitely. PP should run with you if she's got the same look - problem solved!

  • Ha ha MF, I have got the tash but sadly not the long hair :-( xxx

  • Embrace the wig, honey. Donna Summers, Beyoncé or Cher, take your pic. Thinking about it, if you go for Cher's straight black locks avoid going for the beard too, or you'll be taken for Conchita Wurst.

  • Great stuff dunder I too am doing HM in less than 6 weeks training been hampered by injuries so am only up to 7 miles 😒 gonna keep increasing though good luck and I have a 118 tash as did 5k mo-run in nov last year lol

  • Sorry to hear that your training has been disrupted, Dawn. 6 weeks is still plenty to build up the distance as long as you are fit/healthy now. It's just that you will need to be a bit more cautious in terms of the pace you run.

    For what it's worth, I had a couple of 12 day spells on the IC but was able to jump from 12k to 16k (both comfortably paced) without any real problem.

    I took the plunge and ordered the wig and tash - just for kicks.

  • Make sure you post the photo!

  • Humm... Is 9 days long enough to grow a 118 moustache, if only a very short one? If not, face paint or eyebrow pencil could substitute at a pinch. ;)

    Good to hear the training is progressing well. Have fun and post lots of photos of the moustache (and your good self wearing it, of course!) :)

  • I very much doubt it AM but I honestly have no idea as I have never had more than a couple of days 'growth'.

    It will be artificial or nothing.

  • heres you outfit dunder!


    9 days! not long to go! :)

  • Thanks Ali.

    I will be wearing a charity vest so I plumped for this combo.


  • brilliant! you'll be looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    ps one of the original 118 guys comes from the IOW! :)

  • Haha! We will expect a photo to prove it...! Lots and lots of luck on the day of course...amazed at the progress someone can make having used c25k as the starting point.

  • Thanks sandra and I will see what I can do on the photo front - I am really surprised at the rate of progress too.

    Glad to see you are getting over your calf problem and luv the noo shoos x

  • Brilliant!

  • You of course require a running partner with the same number to really carry it off!

  • Even after googling it I can't really get the 118 thing, was it an advertisment? .. in Italy is the number you dial for an ambulance!

  • Ha ha that'll freak Dunder out Paola ! :-)

    118 118 is a number for Directory Enquiries xxx

  • i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedi...

    Hopefully that link will take you to the image from the advert! If not, technology has beaten me (again)!

  • Also, the 118 guys were based on real runner David Bedford - till he took legal action against the company and they had to change the design of the taches and hair:


  • Well I never knew that :)

  • Yes, sorry Paola you probably have to be in the UK to get the reference but goon has explained below.

    Hope I won't need an ambulance (at least not until I have collected the bling) :)

  • What are the chances of that? That is HILARIOUS!

  • I think the field is restricted to 500, TT so the odds were not totally outlandish but, yes I found it quite amusing!

  • Haha, my friend had that number at the Folkestone 10k. 'She did 118' Caused a right laugh. Have a great race, and yes we would love some pics please. x :-)

  • Hey Mr D !

    Is the race today or tomorrow ?

    If it was today, how did you go on and if its tomorrow, how are you feeling ?

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • How did it go Dunder? Sub-55?

  • It was indeed. :)

  • That is fantastic! Congratulations! Not surprised though. How much sub-55? Race report? Photos?

  • Just doing the race report now. Was waiting for race photos (Mrs. D deleted ours in error) but they are not available yet.

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