Aussie is still running!

Aussie is still running!

Morning all... just checking in with all you lovely folks... I miss you!

Still running, still lovin' it... had 20 minutes to spare this morning at 5:30am so out the door and a quick burst before a shower and off to work I go... It was dark, cold, wet and awesome!

It's just a part of my life now... I have signed up for 6 events over the next 6 months and can't wait! Couple of 10Ks, an 8 miler and two half marathons!

Sorry I'm not on here much anymore but I try to keep those of you on Facebook up to date... internet access during the week is a bit limited of late... :)

The ankle is not 100% but it's not giving me problems now. Compression socks rule! You'll also notice that I'm ever so slowly getting faster... I love this training and fitness thing...

Happy running y'all. Whether you're on week 1 or about to complete a marathon - you ROCK!

10 miles planned for Sunday... love my long run!

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  • Well done Aussie it's nice to see you are still enjoying your running, for me it seems to of taken over my life :) your race plans look great I haven't quite decided what's next for me I did a 6 hour challenge a couple of weeks ago and managed 21.6 miles :o surprised myself.........maybe a marathon isn't out of the question for next year. I am really looking forward to building up the miles over the winter. Happy running to you

  • Great to hear that the ankle is still improving. I hope it'll be back to 100% soon, but in the interim, do take it easy :)

    Enjoy the running, and in particular the 10 miles on Sunday!

  • Cooee Aussie, still firing on all cylinders by the sound of things. Good that the dreaded ankle is holding up

    Have fun out there. I was out at 5.00 am too, walking the dog. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Mummysaurus Yes a full marathon does sound eminently do-able if you've already done 21 miles. Sheesh. Go for it!!!

  • Nice pace there Aussie so glad your ankle is behaving. Look forward to your post race report from Sunday. Good Luck - run like the wind!!!

  • Nice to see you out running and enjoying yourself Aussie. 6 events in 6months? Man, you've really got the bug, haven't you! Take care of that ankle. Hope MrsAussie's c25k journey is still going strong :)

  • Aussie my man. You need help!!!!!


    *sheepishly hides as r56 has used every excuse under the sun these past few days*

    Glad to hear the ankle is improving. Hope to join you in a sunday run

  • What a lovely positive post, made me smile:) happy running, may your obvious enthusiasm & passion for running 'run on';)

  • Aussie - have missed you on this forum we forum! Glad to see you're still giving that ankle death!

  • we all have..... :)

  • Glad all is going well Aussie and that the ankle isn't giving you any grief. Take things easy and enjoy your long run. I don't have facebook ( am I alone?!), so look forward to reading your updates here x :-)

  • Well done Aussie. Didn't realise there was a FB group - have just asked to join.

  • Great post Aussie, as usual. Look after that ankle..I do have fb, what is the group called?

  • "C25kers on facebook" - assuming I've asked to join the right one. It has a link back to here.....

  • I can't find it! Help!

  • I just typed c25k into the search box....can't work out how to send a link??

  • Way to go Aus, I don't have facebook either, so don't go deserting us on here to go over to the " other side " :-)

    Good to know youre keeping well and your ankle hasn't dropped off :-0

    Good to hear from you, I miss those selfies :-) xxx

  • what can I say...amazing!!!

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