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So my first ever 10km race is due to take place next Sunday. I've been trying to follow an Asics plan which was going OK at first but now seems to have gone crazy. On Monday I did 10km - felt great during & afterwards. Not a brilliant time but good for me. Thursday was supposed to be 5km - managed 4.5 - felt awful. Today was supposed to be 10km - last before next week's race. Managed 7km. I know I can do 10km but today my body just said NO!! I've got thyroid disease & about 6 weeks ago my doctor changed the daily dose of thyroxine. I think that may well have something to do with it. Wonky hormones are the very last thing I need right now. That Asics plan is telling me to do a 5km jog on Monday, a 5km on Tuesday ar 'race pace', another 5km jog on Thursday. If I do that I'll be dead on my feet - they donโ€™t seem to factor in working full time & life do they? I think I'll stick to my usual Tuesday & Thursday 5km(ish) then give the 10km my best shot on Sunday. I've pretty much accepted I'm going to be one of the last to finish even looking at last year's finishing times. I still can't decide if the Asics plan is a good or bad thing. It does give a bit of structure but the psce is too high - which I can't seem to adjust - & the distance for the total schedule seems too high for a 10km.


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  • Morning Sharon Yes I totally agree with you . I liked the structure of the plan , but found the training distances a bit too much . For a couple of weeks I had 4 runs a week , now I know from experience that 4 is too much for me .

    In the end , it was taken out of my hands due to injury , which I am convinced was due to overtraining.

    You've done the 10k already , so know you can do the distance . Personally I would take it really easy now , just so you are fresh and rested for the day , especially with you not feeling too good .

    On race day , go at a steady pace , don't think about what anyone else is doing , your race, your pace.

    The adrenalin will get you around the course , so I really wouldn't worry too much about your time .

    Good Luck Sharon , take care xxxx

  • Which level did you set yourself at ? Beginners, intermediate, hard - 2, 3 4 days a week? The beginners is hard!

    Don't worry about it. Just put the training miles in and turn in some speed for the last half a km on the day. You don't want to risk overdoing things and getting hurt!

    Enjoy the race. You'll be surprised how the other runners pull you round.

    Good luck

  • These training plans are very useful. They give you something to go and ignore. I tend to have up to 3 of them running at any one time. I look at each and they all say something different so I happily go out,ignore the lot of them, and do what I feel like.

    I would take it easy over the next week. Do a couple of slow 5Ks if you feel like it, but certainly do nothing after Wednesday. Take a few days off and then go out and enjoy the 10K at the weekend.

    Why are you running? I hope that at least one of the reasons is that it makes you feel good (well, at least after, when you've finished). Who cares about anyone else? You are the important one here. Does it really matter if you come in at the back? Someone has to. The important thing is that you are out there and running!!! Running 10K is something I suspect you would never have considered even in your wildest dreams a couple of years ago.

    Go out, run, enjoy yourself, bask in the glory and then, when you come home, slip in an entry for that half marathon you secretly want to try ;)

  • Don't fret Sharon. You've already done the distance so you know you will do it again. And forget about the plan now and do what's right for you. I was exactly the same with the Asics plan and in the last few weeks just did my own thing. You'll rock the run.

  • Thanks ladies & gents. I set it at average, 3 times a week. I think I should maybe have gone for the 'mild' option. Anyway I've come this far and I'll be damned if I'm giving up now!! I'll drag by sorry, hormone wrecked, body round that 10km course next Sunday come what may!!!

  • All the best for the run. You know you can do the distance so listen to your body and rest up a bit this week so that you really enjoy it on Sunday.

  • Hey I'm much the same just now, set it up for half marathon (which is next Sat) and am supposed to have done 10.5 miles 3 times. Have only done it once but managed it all so I'm fairly happy.

    This week is also supposed to be 3 runs for me, think its a 5k, and 2x 8k, can assure you that won't be happening, may do 8 tomorrow then a 5 thru the week but like you have work etc to fit in too.

    anyway, just wanted to say youre not alone and good luck :)

  • You've done the distance so know you can do it, take it easy and don't worry about the plan over the next week. when I did my first 10k race, I only actually did my 1st 10k on the Wednesday beforehand and I just needed the reassurance I could go the whole distance. enjoy the race and try and pace yourself - said with a pot calling kettle black as I am the worst pacer and go out too fast at the outset usually without realising.

  • Thanks for the positive & encouraging words. It makes me feel better knowing it's not just me who has had this experienceโ˜บโ˜บ

  • I have a 10k next week too (Worcester) . 1 did 2 5ks today and I have another tomorrow. I'm gonna do a long run (max 10k) on Tuesday, then not run again. I'll volunteer for parkrun on Saturday.

    If you've been under the weather, don't push it. I think you're right to do just a couple of runs. The first could be slightly longer if you feel up to it.

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