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Spectator and feeling very proud

So on sunday i walked down the road, got a take away coffee from a famous coffee shop and watched the start of a 10km race. I must admit when they started i wanted to jump the barrier and zoom off with the runners - so looking forward to doing my race - i will be nervous as anything but this has made me want to enter more 10km races - so with a bit of hard work and help from my partner i have three i want to enter - oct, november and december (even though it will be hot) I tried last night to sign up to one race and no luck yet - it is a battle i will win though.

From reading all your lovely race reports from what i can gather is that nobody cheers or come out to watch races. Even the few family members that were waiting did not clap the first finishers (31minutes for 10km) come on folks that deserves a clap. So we were the local loco gringos, clapping and cheering. Plus 90% of runners wear the race t-shirt on the day on the race. Actually it does look cool a mint green mass moving forward! Plus the sound of peoples feet pounding the pavement is also magical!!!

Finally - i am feeling proud my partner has made it to W9R1 this morning and did his first 5KM - so i have printed his certificate - the graduates badge i ordered arrived safely in chile and i will be buying him a new blue t-shirt and water bottle (if i can find one) this week. We have booked a steak restaurant for sunday after his graduation run and my first attempt of running 10km.

Then my sister said she is going to start the C25K programme - which is also fantastic - so i will be checking up on her progress!! Nudging her out of bed etc!

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You've got a real gringo running thing going on there!

Love the idea of a steak to celebrate. Enjoy it :)


Well i have just got back from a run - got very strange looks as i was running in a light shower


How lovely that you have all cheered and encouraged each other on and also passing runners in the 10k race. I am rather alarmed to hear that people don't usually clap and cheer as I thought it was standard :S I did the York 10k and there was a really good vibe from spectators with lots of high fives and whoops and cheers and also shouts of encouragement. It was really welcome, especially when I felt like stopping lol. Well done you for cheering.

Do enter a race. You won't regret it. You will regret not entering sooner :D xxx


The Middlesbrough 10k I ran on Sunday had (and always does) good support around the route. Lots of clapping, cheering, shouts of encouragement, live bands at various points along the route and young kids 'high fiving' the runners as they pass.


The support is what's required. It gives you that boost you need to keep going. Listen at me! I sound like Paula Wotsit!

I have a marathon coming past my house in a couple of weeks time. I would have loved to have entered it but don't feel ready. I am so excited though that it's coming past me and I can't wait to get out there and cheer them on. Everything is being stopped for the big day, which is a huge deal. Just think no traffic AT ALL!

Just think, it won't be too long til you and your partner are taking part. Happy running!


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